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Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway Toll Tax Increased

Motorway Toll Tax

The National Highway and Motorway Authority (NHMA) has implemented new motorway toll tax rates for vehicles using the M1 motorway between Islamabad and Peshawar. Effective today, the revised rates reflect significant increases across various vehicle categories:

  • Car: Increased from Rs 240 to Rs 350 (+Rs 110)
  • Wagon: Increased from Rs 400 to Rs 550 (+Rs 150)
  • Coaster/Mazda: Increased from Rs 550 to Rs 700 (+Rs 150)
  • Bus: Increased from Rs 790 to Rs 1,000 (+Rs 210)
  • Truck: Increased from Rs 1,040 to Rs 1,300 (+Rs 260)
  • Trailer: Increased from Rs 1,270 to Rs 1,500 (+Rs 230)

The adjustments aim to support the maintenance and operational costs of the motorway infrastructure. Commuters and transport operators are advised to take note of the updated toll tax rates for their respective vehicles when planning their travel.

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