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Islamabad to Implement Motorcycle Entry Ban in High-Security Zone Starting November 1

motorcycle entry ban

In a significant move, the federal government has decided to prohibit the entry of motorcycles into Islamabad’s high-security zone, which encompasses crucial government offices, superior courts, and foreign embassies. The motorcycle entry ban is scheduled to come into effect from November 1, with the government providing instructions to the police and the capital city administration for its swift implementation.

A Critical Security Measure

motorcycle entry ban

This decision to bar motorcycles from entering the high-security zone is part of a comprehensive strategy designed by the administration and the police. It is primarily aimed at enhancing security and controlling traffic flow within the area.

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Under the new plan, motorcycles must be parked at the Convention Center, a designated location outside the high-security zone. From there, a shuttle service will be initiated to facilitate entry into the high-security zone. This measure is intended to streamline access while ensuring a higher level of security.

As a result of the motorcycle entry ban, individuals traveling to and from Bari Imam, a prominent religious and cultural site, will need to use alternate routes, as motorcycle access to the high-security zone will no longer be permitted.

Swift Implementation

The government has issued clear instructions to both the police and the administration to ensure the effective enforcement of this new regulation starting on November 1. This decision underscores the government’s commitment to safeguarding the high-security zone and ensuring the safety and security of all those within it.

Final Words 

The motorcycle entry ban is part of a broader effort to strengthen security measures in the capital city, promoting public safety and the integrity of the high-security zone.