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Moreno Enclave Islamabad | Location | Updated Payment Plan 2023

Moreno Enclave

Moreno Enclave Islamabad is a new and profit-making real estate project by Moreno Holdings for the residents of Islamabad. As the population is increasing, it is quite a task to get a peaceful and affordable spot in a housing society. To tackle the concerns of rising population and expenses, Moreno Enclave is the need of the hour with affordable housing and numerous facilities. It is a turn-taking project for the residents and all the real estate enthusiasts. This housing society offers luxury living at a reasonable cost that was missing up till now. The list of benefits of Moreno Enclave goes on. Therefore, this article will provide an incisive overview of the project.

Moreno Enclave Islamabad

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Moreno Enclave Islamabad Owners and Developers

Moreno Holding Private Ltd are the owners and developers of Moreno Enclave Islamabad. It is a real estate industry of Pakistan known for it’s remarkable projects. The Chairman and founder of Moreno Holdings is Mr. Malik Nusrat Mehmood, a well known person in real estate industry and a visionary entrepreneur for two decades. The CEO of Moreno Holdings is Syed Saud Ahmed. These developers are working other famous projects as well. Moreno Enclave developers are working with Meinhardt Singapore and Tekton Engineering to construct a stunning spot where the residents of Islamabad can enjoy their living. Apart from Moreno Enclave, Moreno Holdings Pvt Ltd is working on other remarkable projects as well.

Moreno Enclave Owners and Developers

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Other Projects of Moreno Holdings

Moreno Holding Private Ltd (MHPL) main purpose is to create better lifestyles and build stronger communities. Apart from Moreno Enclave, Moreno Sports City and Moreno Logistics City are also MHPL’s projects.

Moreno City

Moreno City is located near the New Islamabad International Airport. The main purpose of making this project is to facilitate bulk cargo movement. There are several facilities available for the residents, especially the automated warehousing facilities. As it is situated near the CPEC, it will mostly facilitate the movement of vehicles from China to Gwadar and beyond. And will result in the growth of the cargo industry of Pakistan.

Moreno Sports City

Another important project of Moreno Holdings is Moreno Sports City. It is also located near the New Islamabad International Airport. As the name suggests, this project is dedicated to sports activities. In fact, according to the developers of Moreno Holdings Pvt Ltd, Moreno Sports City would be a hub of all sports activities. This project will have a cricket stadium, football grounds and academies, a Tennis academy, and a boxing academy.

Moreno Enclave Islamabad Mission

The main mission of the Moreno Enclave Islamabad is to facilitate the residents as much as they can. The residents can enjoy everything. They do not need to go out to gyms, swimming pool, or clubhouses. All these facilities will be available to them in some steps. Just like the CCO of MHPL, Syed Saud Ahmed says, “The aim is to be able to create masterplans revolving around people and their needs.”

Moreno Enclave Mission

Moreno Enclave Islamabad Vision

Moreno Enclave’s vision is to provide a quality life and a better standard of living at a reasonable price. As the CEO, Malik Nusrat Mehmood states ” I have Envisioned Moreno Holdings Pvt Ltd. to become an industry player in sectors of construction, development and land”. Malik Nusrat Mehmood has been in the real estate industry for more than two decades, for him every household in Pakistan should be luxurious. To make this happen, Moreno Enclave is offering highly affordable living to the residents. Moreover, the CCO of Moreno Holdings Pvt Ltd, Syed Saud Ahmed says, We want to cater to all households and bring them an amazing lifestyle at affordable price points.

Moreno Enclave Islamabad Location

The first important aspect of any housing society is the location. In fact, the main purpose of the developers is to know If residents are enjoying the location of the housing society or not. Any housing society should be at a minimal distance from the main city. It should be easier for the residents to travel easily without the inconvenience of the traffic. As a whole, the location should be beneficial rather than a hurdle. The developers of Moreno Clave have also kept this in mind because this project is nearer the M1 motorway of Islamabad and Peshawar. The main location of Moreno Enclave is opposite the B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad, adjacent to the F and G block and nearer the Islamabad International Airport. This is a prime location and much beneficial for the residents because they are 5 to 7 minutes away from the motorway. The airport is also at a minimal distance. They can enjoy national and international journeys without any inconvenience.

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Total Land Area

Moreno Enclave’s total area is about 8000 Kanals. These 8000 Kanals are divided into different zones. There are commercial as well as residential plots in this project. Apart from this, the roads of this housing society are vast.

Moreno Enclave Islamabad Access points

As discussed earlier, Moreno Enclave’s location is a gift for the residents. There are so many spots nearer to this housing society which not only increases the benefits but also the excitement. Following are the spots that are near the Moreno Enclave and you can easily access them

●     It takes 5 minutes to drive from Moreno Enclave to M-1 Motorway Islamabad Interchange

●     Moreno Enclave is approximately 20 minutes away from the main Islamabad City

●     You can visit the Blue Area in just 20 minutes

●     It’s a 5 minutes drive to CPEC

●     It is just 10 minutes away from Airport

●     It takes 10 minutes to drive to WAPDA Town

●     The GT Road is just 15 minutes away from Moreno Enclave

●     It is a 30 minutes drive from the main Rawalpindi city to Moreno Enclave

●     Importantly, the Moreno enclave is Opposite to Faisal Halls

Nearby Housing Societies

The other important aspect of investing in Moreno Enclave Islamabad is its nearby places. There are several important landmarks around the Moreno Enclave such as

●     B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad

●     AWT D-18 housing society

●     E-18 Gulshan e Sehat Society

●     GT Road

●     Dhok Jhandu

●     Wapda

●     Thatta Khalil

●     Islamabad Internation Ariport

●     M1 motorway

●     CPEC western route

Moreno Enclave Islamabad NOC and Approval Status

The prime concern of an investor is to invest in a housing society that has been duly approved by the administrative authorities and has a duly approved No Objection Certificate (NOC). The developers of Moreno Enclave have completed the documentation process and submitted it to PHATA and CDA. However, Moreno Enclave Islamabad will receive NOC approval from PHATA in January 2023. After the approval, the construction and operation would be carried out legally. This approval will attract more investors and create several opportunities for the local economy. The news regarding the approval will be announced soon but the prices after the NOC will be revised.

Moreno Enclave Islamabad Master Plan

Moreno Enclave’s plan is to ensure a better standard of living. To enhance the quality of life of the residents the management team has selected highly qualified professionals for making a master plan for society. This master plan is that the project will be completed by Meinhardt Singapore. Meinhardt Singapore company is known to be the best urban planner and architect.  Meinhardt Singapore is currently working on different projects in Pakistan such as Eighteen Islamabad, Mivida City Islamabad, and Ravi Riverfront. Not only this but DARVIS ( Data Analytics Real-World Visual Intelligence System) is also included in the Moreno Enclave project to work on the surveillance system. The Sri Lankan Company ” TEKTON Engineering and Construction” is known for its projects worldwide. The construction project of Moreno Enclave Islamabad is being handled by them. For more convenience for the residents, Solar AI will be used to eliminate the issues related to energy by offering renewable energy solutions. This step will not only facilitate the residents but the electricity bills will also be reduced. Furthermore, the Moreno Enclave Islamabad project is offering residential as well as commercial plots to the residents. These plots are of different sizes and prices with a suitable payment plan.

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Plot Sizes in Moreno Enclave Islamabad

The current plots being offered by Moreno Enclave Islamabad are residential plots, and the commercial plots are going to be launched soon. The developers have disclosed cost-effective payment plans. The residential plots of Moreno Enclave are of different sizes and prices with economical payment plans.

Residential Plots

The followings are the residential plots available in Moreno Enclave for booking

●     5 Marla

●     10 Marla

●     1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The commercial plots for booking in Moreno Enclave have not been announced by the developers. However, soon there will be good news regarding commercial plots with flexible payment plans

Moreno Enclave Prices

The residential plots for booking in Moreno Enclave are available at reasonable prices. The price for 5 Marla Plots is PKR 3,500,000. Similarly, the price for 10 Marla Plots for sale in Moreno Enclave is PKR 6,000,000 and for the residential plot of 1 Kanal, the price is 11,000,000.

Moreno Enclave Islamabad Payment Plan

The price of 5 Marla Plots for booking in Moreno Enclave is PKR 3,500,000 with a down payment of 700,000 and 14 quarterly of 180,000.

Moreno Enclave Islamabad Payment Plan

The price of 10 Marla Plot is 6,000,000 with a down payment of 1,200,000 and 14 quarterly of 310,000.

The price of 1 Kanal Plot is 11,000,000 with a down payment of 2,200,000 and quarterly of 570,000

Plot SizeFull PrizeDown Payment14 Quarterly (installments)Possession
5 Marla3,500,000700,000180,000280,000
10 Marla6,000,0001,200,000310,000460,000
1 Kanal11,000,0002,200,000570,000820,000

Terms And Conditions

●     The prices available are only land cost inclusive

●     The payment plan can change anytime

●     Prices mentioned in the plan are exclusive to any taxes

●     Plots with park facing/ main road/ corner have an additional 10% charge

●     A 10% discount on the total payment

●     There will be 5% discount on half payment

Salient features of Moreno Enclave Islamabad

What makes the Moreno Enclave the most suitable housing society for you. You can guess that yourself by considering the following features that make it the best option to choose and invest. Moreno Enclave has

●     An ideal Location

●     Underground electrical system

●     Well planned waste disposal system

●     Sports amenities

●     Gated community

●     Affordable Residences

●     24/7 supply of water, gas, and electricity

●     AI Security Surveillance

●     Internationally recognized Town Planners and Architects

●     No load shedding

●     Recreational Area

●     Best Infrastructure

●     Famous and professional Developers

●     Smart Housing

●     Smart parking

●     Peaceful Environment

●     Entertainment facilities such as gym, clubhouse, and swimming pool

●     Automated Water Management System

●     Photovoltaic System (Devices that convert light into electricity)

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Moreno Enclave Islamabad Amenities

The Developers have given special importance to the convenience and peace of the residents. This peace and convenience can be acquired by having common and basic facilities. Moreno Enclave provides several services and facilities to the residents for a peaceful life. Some of these amenities are below.

Basic Facilities

All basic facilities including water, gas, and electricity are offered by Moreno Enclave Islamabad. These amenities will be non-stop for the residents. Moreover, developers have ensured the underground provision of these facilities for a better environment all around.

Parks and Playgrounds

The developers are focused to make the environment eco-friendly by offering parks and playgrounds for children. The parks are designed in such a way that it enhances the overall beauty of nature. The trees, water theme and carpeted lawn make the spot perfect for a calm gathering.

Parks and Playgrounds


Mosque in any housing society is a necessity. But to have a better is a blessing. Moreno Enclave Islamabad has made it easier for Residents to pray. As, there are generators, air conditioning, a large praying area, and a security system to ensure the peace of the worshippers.

Famous Restaurants

There will be many hotels and restaurants for the residents to enjoy a variety of foods. Families will spend quality time there while having delicious food.

Carpeted Roads

Another important facility is to have wide roads. Moreno Enclave developers have offered wide carpeted roads and special importance is given to the development of a comprehensive road network. This will provide convenience and a peaceful environment to the residents of Moreno Enclave.

Carpeted Roads


Residents need to relax and enjoy themselves whenever they feel to. Now the residents of Moreno Enclave do not have to go somewhere for live performances or shows, because this facility would be available for them in their own society.

Well-planned Infrastructure

The developers have also given prime importance to the road system connecting all the housing communities around the area with minimal delay.

Security and Safety

In any housing society security plays a major role. Residents want their homes to be safe from any danger. Hence, Moreno Enclave is offering 24/7 surveillance to the residents. There are security cameras installed and security guards present in this society.


Another important amenity to be considered in the Moreno Enclave Islamabad is the clubhouse which consists of a gym and swimming pool. You can even play many indoor games there as well. Moreno Enclave has made it easier for the residents to have each and every facility.

Parking Facilities

The developers have been working to introduce smart parking. This will help the residents to park their vehicles without any inconvenience. Smart Parking includes smart parking maps, smart detectors for vehicles, smart signage, and parking sensors for accuracy.

Parking Facilities

Commercial Districts

Nobody can think about a housing society without dedicated commercial areas. Moreno Enclave Islamabad’s developers have made it easier for the residents to enjoy their daily life needs. Commercial areas are specified by the management for commercial activities. There will be supermarkets, hardware stores, shopping centers, and a variety of national and international stores. 

Moreno Enclave Islamabad Current Development Status

Moreno Enclave Islamabad project is currently in the pre-launch phase. The official progress has not begun but the initial development is still ongoing. The development will soon start with speed as soon as the official launch begins. For launching updates keep visiting our website.

How to book a plot in Moreno Enclave/Booking Procedure

The booking procedure to book a plot is simple. You have to contact us at UAN 03311110737 and we will provide you with reliable information. The common steps to follow are

●     First you have to fill in a booking form with authentic information. You can get this form from Amanah.pk

●     Attach your CNIC copy with the booking form

●     Pay down payment and then

●     Attach all the required documents with the application form

Document Requires for Plot Booking

Documents that are required for the booking of the plots are

●     CNIC copy of the buyer

●     CINC copy of the next of kin

●     2 Passport size pictures of the buyer

Document Requires for Plot Booking

Why you should invest in Moreno Enclave Islamabad?

Here comes an important section of the discussion: why invest in Moreno Enclave? Investing in Moreno Enclave can be a turn taking step for you. This society is profit-making and full of facilities. Following are some reasons why should you invest in Moreno Enclave

Ideal Location

Every housing society is preferred on the basis of its location. Moreno Enclave Islamabad is in a prime location i.e in the heart of Islamabad. It would be the best place to live and invest in. This society is near M-1 Islamabad Motorway. This location will make it easier for the customers to get from distant places.

Returns on Investments

The most persuasive aspect of a real estate project is the high return on investment. The stunning chance in this project is that it promises a return on investment

Affordable Payment Plan

The payment plans of Moreno Enclave Islamabad are affordable. Even a person with a middle income can afford it and enjoy the life he/she has always desired. In fact, the most astonishing feature of Moreno Enclave is the affordable payment plan.

Luxurious Lifestyle

The main mission of Moreno Enclave is to enrich the lifestyle of the residents. Residents of Moreno Enclave can enjoy their quality life style with reasonable payments.

Exceptional Amenities

As I have discussed above, the amenities that Moreno Enclave is offering are out of the world. This project, if considered with the payments plan and facilities, is the most suitable housing society for the residents of Islamabad

Professional and skilled Developers

Moreno Holding has skilled developers working on their projects. These developers have worked all over Pakistan and are well known real estate developers in the industry for more than two decades.

Why you should invest with Amanah.pk?

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We Do:

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Pros and Cons of Moreno Enclave

Like every housing society Moreno Enclave also have some pros and cons. However, the advantages are more than the drawbacks of society.


●     Prime location

●     Wide roads

●     Smart parking

●     Restaurants and hotels

●     Parks and open landscape

●     Basic facilities and utilities

●     Affordable housing options

●     Security

●     Mosques

●     Commercial Areas

●     High-quality infrastructure

●     Sports facility

●     Water disposal system

●     Underground electrification

●     Photovoltaic system

●     Skilled developers

●     Al-based security system

●     Eco-friendly environment


●     The price might be high for some customers

●     The spot might be far from the city for some customers


Followings are some frequently asked questions that are answered so that you get detailed information.

Who are the developers of Moreno Enclave?

Moreno Enclave will soon get the approval from PHATA as it has acquired the diary number as well. This project will soon get the approval from PHATA. Additionally, the developers have also applied for the final NOC in CDA.

What is the NOC status of Moreno Enclave Islamabad?

Moreno Enclave will soon get the approval from PHATA as it has acquired the diary number as well. This project will soon get the approval from PHATA. Additionally, the developers have also applied for the final NOC in CDA.

Where is it located?

Moreno Enclave is located opposite F and G block of B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad near the M1 Motorway Islamabad.

What is Moreno Enclave Islamabad?

Moreno Enclave is a housing society in the heart of Islamabad with residential plots, commercial plots and numerous facilities for the residents.

Who are the Moreno Enclave City planner?

The Moreno Enclave housing society is designed by the Singaporean firm Meinhardt Group. This company is globally known and has completed many real estate projects in Pakistan.

What sizes of residential plots are offered in Moreno Enclave Islamabad?

The Residential plots that are being offered for sale in Moreno Enclave are
●     5 Marla
●     10 Marla
●     1 Kanal

What is the total land area of this project?

The total area of Moreno Enclave Islamabad is 8,000 Kanals.

Is Moreno Enclave a good investment?

Yes, Moreno Enclave is a good option to invest in. This housing society is offering many facilities with a luxurious lifestyle to the residents. This project is located at a prime location which makes it the best option to choose for investment.

What is the development status of Moreno Enclave?

Moreno Enclave development has not started yet but the developers will start the project when it will be launched by Moreno Holdings Private Ltd.

When will the developers launch Moreno Enclave?

Moreno Enclave housing society will be officially launched in February 2023.


Moreno Enclave Islamabad is a good option to choose if you are looking for a profit-making investment. Moreno Holding Private Ltd are marvelous developers and they have made a suitable housing society for the residents of Islamabad. The location and facilities that are being provided can be neglected. Additionally, the payment plan is much more affordable for people with a middle income. The overall view and landscape of the project are unique and peaceful. You can easily visit us and book your residential plot as commercial plots are not open for booking yet. Furthermore, the management has not officially launched the society yet. The developers have promised to complete this housing society in 2 to 4 years. Take your next step and get good returns on investments by consulting us.

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