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RDA Proposes Rs 1.2 Billion Restoration Project for Metro Bus Service

Metro Bus Service

The backbone of public transportation connecting Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the Metro Bus Service, operational since 2015, is currently grappling with maintenance challenges that have prompted the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to present a comprehensive restoration proposal.

Restoration Project for Metro Bus Service

Metro Bus Service

The ambitious project, with a proposed budget of Rs1.2 billion, is pending crucial approval from the Mass Transit Authority (MTA), the overseeing body for Metro Bus operations. The proposed restoration initiative is aimed at addressing the deteriorating infrastructure, damaged stations, and worn-out facilities that have become apparent over the past nine years due to inadequate maintenance practices.

The RDA’s move follows its recent successes in completing major road infrastructure projects in Rawalpindi, including the extension and meticulous maintenance of Asghar Mall Road. Additionally, the restoration project for the 6th Road Metro Bus Station, damaged during the unfortunate events of May 9, showcases the RDA’s commitment to ensuring the reliability and safety of public transportation.

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Launched in June 2015 at a cost of Rs 44 billion, the Metro Bus service covers a vital 24-kilometer route, seamlessly connecting the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Serving approximately 0.2 million commuters daily, the service has become a lifeline for the twin cities, providing quality and affordable travel.

However, over the years, insufficient maintenance practices have taken a toll on the service, leading to deteriorating infrastructure, damaged stations, and worn-out facilities. The proposal put forth by the RDA aims to address these issues comprehensively and revitalize the Metro Bus service.

Despite the service’s success in catering to the daily transportation needs of the citizens, commuters have faced persistent challenges due to the wear and tear of infrastructure. The stations’ paintwork, waiting seats, electrical fittings, floors, escalators, and lifts all require attention and restoration.

Once the Mass Transit Authority approves the proposal and releases funds for the project, the RDA is poised to initiate the extensive restoration, ensuring the continued efficiency and reliability of the Metro Bus service for the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.