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Islamabad Airport Introduces Complimentary Massage Chairs for Passengers

Massage Chairs

To elevate the travel experience for passengers, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has introduced a new amenity at Islamabad International Airport—massage chairs. The Chief Operating Officer (COO)/Airport Manager recently inaugurated the installation of massage chairs in domestic and international departure lounges.

Massage Chairs for Passengers Initiative 

Massage Chairs

This thoughtful initiative is part of the CAA’s commitment to providing enhanced services and convenience to departing passengers. The massage chairs aim to create an environment that surpasses passenger expectations, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience before embarking on their journeys.

Passengers can now enjoy complimentary massages as they await their flights, adding a touch of luxury to their travel routine. The initiative is about physical comfort and offering a respite from the usual airport hustle and bustle.

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As an additional perk, a complimentary tea stall has been set up as part of the free service for passengers, further enhancing their overall experience. Travelers can now unwind and rejuvenate in a more tranquil setting.

Beyond the immediate comfort for passengers, this initiative is designed to enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of the departure lounges at Islamabad International Airport. The PCAA aims to create a welcoming and pleasing atmosphere for travelers, making the airport a more enjoyable place to spend time.

This move reflects the PCAA’s ongoing efforts to prioritize passenger satisfaction and elevate the service standards at Islamabad International Airport. With the installation of massage chairs and complimentary services, the airport is setting a new benchmark for passenger-friendly facilities in the region.