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Rawalpindi District Administration Imposes Heavy Fines on Marriage Halls

Marriage Halls

To enforce wedding ceremony regulations, the Rawalpindi district administration has initiated a crackdown on marriage hall owners for flouting bans on the time limit and one-dish rule during wedding celebrations. The move comes as part of a broader campaign to encourage the culture of serving one dish and adhering to specific timeframes aimed at promoting energy conservation.

Heavy Fines on Marriage Halls

Marriage Halls

Under the directives of caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Hassan Waqar Cheema has spearheaded the operation, forming six special teams across five tehsils, each under the vigilant supervision of the respective assistant commissioners.

The crackdown has resulted in significant penalties, with fines amounting to Rs 1 million imposed on four marriage halls. Additionally, two marriage halls have been sealed, and legal action has been initiated against the owner of another hall for non-compliance.

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The initiative is driven by the provincial government’s commitment to instill a culture of serving one dish in marriage functions, as well as adhering to specific timings to optimize electricity usage, as stated by the Deputy Commissioner.

In a bid to ensure the effective implementation of these measures, the Deputy Commissioner has directed all administrative officers to form special squads to rigorously enforce the government’s restrictions on one-dish wedding meals. Special teams have been instructed to collaborate with the police special branch to address violations related to one-dish policies and event timings.

The Deputy Commissioner, in a letter to administrative officers, urged the dissemination of information regarding the one-dish ban to wedding halls, marquees, and the general public.

Crackdown Against Marriage Halls

Over the past two days, a series of raids have been conducted, revealing violations at various venues, including Decent Marriage Hall, Edin Marquee, Al Makkah Marriage Hall, Delight Marriage Hall, Askari Khan Marriage Hall, Crown Marquee, Rohtas Marriage Hall, Jan Marriage Hall, Bilal Marquee Chakri Road, Marhaba Marriage Hall, and Al Areesh Marriage Hall.

Fines totalling Rs 400,000, Rs 255,000, and Rs 250,000 have been imposed on the violators in different regions, reflecting the severity of the crackdown. The Deputy Commissioner emphasized that such measures are crucial to maintaining civic order and ensuring the well-being of local residents.

The citizens have been encouraged to support one-dish parties during weddings, with the Deputy Commissioner highlighting the benefits of such practices, including the resolution of timing-related issues for families involved. The law permits only one dish to be served during marriage ceremonies, and ceremonies are expected to conclude by 10 pm.

The recent crackdown seeks to bring an end to the widespread non-compliance with these regulations, addressing a long-standing issue in the community.