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British-Pakistani Firm One Homes to Invest $35 Million in Luxury Apartments Project in Islamabad

Luxury Apartments Project in Islamabad

In a significant development poised to elevate Islamabad’s real estate landscape, British-Pakistani-owned firm “One Homes” has unveiled plans for a groundbreaking $35 million investment in luxury apartments project in Islamabad. The venture, titled “Amaya Panoramas,” will introduce luxury serviced apartments exclusively catered to overseas Pakistanis, offering a unique blend of opulence and comfort.

Luxury Apartments Project in Islamabad

Luxury Apartments Project in Islamabad

At a press conference held in Islamabad, Aqib Hassan, Chief Commercial Officer of One Homes, unveiled details of the ambitious project. Emphasizing the firm’s commitment to Pakistan’s development, Hassan highlighted One Homes’ track record of bringing over $400 million in investments to the country over the past decade, primarily focusing on luxury housing and construction.

The event, attended by Pakistan High Commission’s Trade Minister Shafique Ahmed, received a warm welcome for the new investment initiative. Hassan outlined the vision behind Amaya Panoramas, describing it as a haven where luxury transcends mere accommodation, offering an immersive experience of refined living.

With a promise of bespoke concierge services and on-demand amenities, Amaya Panoramas aims to redefine luxury living in Islamabad. Each apartment will be meticulously designed to reflect the unique taste and preferences of its residents, setting new standards of sophistication and comfort.

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Bernardo Vasconcelos, founder of BCO London, a renowned salon in the UK, expressed his eagerness to collaborate with One Homes for the project. He emphasized the alignment of Amaya Panoramas with his firm’s commitment to lifestyle-centric ventures, anticipating an exciting market in Pakistan.

Joining the initiative, Olga Varabyeu, representing Varabyeu Partners, an international architecture and design company, expressed enthusiasm for crafting environmentally friendly designs that meet international standards of excellence.

Highlighting the pivotal role of overseas Pakistanis in the nation’s economic growth, Hassan underscored the project’s focus on catering to the investment needs and preferences of the Pakistani diaspora. Amaya Panoramas aims to provide not only a luxurious living experience but also secure investment opportunities with dollar-linked rental returns and comprehensive management services.

As One Homes embarks on this transformative journey, it reinforces its commitment to enhancing Pakistan’s real estate sector and fostering stronger ties with the global Pakistani community.