Amanah Property Rental and Listing Services

Purchase the Prime Ready Properties of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and avail’s expert Shariah Compliant Services.

0% Charges From Owners

You won't be charged our fee. We believe in your 100% satisfaction in our services so we have made it easy to make the best decision for you.

Proper Contract Signing

In order to make the legal formalities easier for you, we will take care of all contract-related tasks.

Survey Reports & Checkups

We will send our professional survey team to the house and take pictures of every fixture and fitting while making a list of everything in the house.

Exclusive Representation

We will give you exclusive representation so you can save yourself from multiple dealers bothering you day and night by calling you.

We Will Sell Your Property

Looking to sell your property but afraid of long hustles? Well you don’t need to, because Amanah Listings will sell your property exclusively to exclusive buyers.

Selling your property with us will give you following benefits:

1. Proper Survey Reporting
2. Exclusive Footages & Videos.
3. Proper Legal Framework
4. Your personal details kept private
5. No random unknown calls from a big pool of dealers.

Yes! we know you are hesitant but give us a try.

On-Land Actual Properties

We play safe!! and that’s why we offer ONLY safe investments.

Yes there are different options that are being bombarded on you but we bet you that ours are the most reliable ones.

For all those investors who are looking for something REAL to invest in, something that gives back, instead of eating all that you already have, something that’s a full-bloom asset; ready to ripe.

Contact Us and explore our list of options that are affordable, already established and of course the best as per your expectations.

Complete Video Listings

Our Fresh Listings


After Sale Services

We will regularly monitor the property(to make sure it is in good condition), keep records of your utility bills( make sure they are paid with receipts), and pay any property taxes that come up, also make sure to answer any queries/issues that the tenant faces.

Site Security (Ad On)

In case you need security for your property, Amanah will avail of security services through a proper security service company. We will hire the security guard, make sure he is doing the job and pay him accordingly.

The proceadure to get your house or property listed is very simple. You just need to give us a call on our given numbers and our expert team will review your requirements, plus a short survey of your property.

Amanah Listings is an exclusive Service by and we aim to provide hassle-free Rental options for those who want to rent-out their houses but are not ready to face the contemporary consequences. We offer a risk-free rental option.

Yes You can also get some of these services individually. Like the Survey Reporting, Contract Signing Assistance, Site Security, etc.