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Lignum Towers Islamabad | Apartment Price, Rental Value, Construction Quality, Floor Plan

Lignum tower is a high-rise project by al Ghurair Giga or the Giga group. It is made of 20 floors and is within walking distance to Giga mall and right next to Gold Crest Views. Lignum tower is designed to emulate the traditional flats with a balcony and a mix of modern high-rise design. 

Lignum tower provides a mixture of luxury and affordability and has both studio apartments and penthouses. Lignum tower has quite a few facilities such as a fitness center, CCTV surveillance, garbage disposal, and backup electricity.  Therefore lignum tower has all the basic amenities for easier living.

Location Of Lignum Towers

Lignum Tower is in DHA Phase 2, on GT road right next to gold crest apartments and Giga mall. The nearby access road is GT road which means easy access to all nearby areas through GT Road.

Nearby Landmarks Of Lignum Towers

Goldcrest views, Giga mall, and the World Trade Center are right next to Lignum tower. This means that all the facilities available there are nearby to Lignum tower residents. The Giga mall food court, a shopping mall with a cinema, and a play area mean all facilities are in nearby proximity for all residents. 

Below are some of the nearby areas of Lignum towers and their distance:

  • Punjab cash and carry: only 230m 
  • Giga mall: 2.8 km 
  • World trade center: 3 km 
  • Avalon banquet: 1 km 
  • Jacaranda family club: 4 km 
  • DHA Phase 2 entrance: 3.3 km
  • Cine Gold Plex: 5 km
  • Riphah International Hospital: 5.7 km
  • Fauji Foundation Hospital: 7.3 km
  • Tehzeeb Bakers: 9 km
  • Green Valley Hypermarket: 10 km

Distance Of Lilgnum Towers From Main Areas

  • Blue Area, Islamabad is 50 minutes drive from Lignum Tower
  • New Islamabad International Airport is a 1-hour drive from Lignum Tower.
  • The nearest Metro Bus Station is 30 minutes drive from Lignum Tower.

Lignum Tower Facilities

Lignum Tower is all the amenities to make living easier for its residents. It has 4 floors allocated for parking and 16 floors for residential flats and other amenities. Below is the list of facilities available in Lignum Tower:

Prayer Hall

A prayer hall for all residents is available so that they can pray in congregation whenever they need to without leaving the building. It is made so a large number of people can pray at any one time.

Wide lobby for guests

A spacious lobby with seating for guests is available at the entrance of the tower. 

Cctv and 24/7 surveillance

CCTV cameras all around the tower and a security team that monitors the CCTV 24/7 ensure a secure environment for the residents of Lignum tower.

Backup power

Due to the excessive load-shedding in Pakistan, having backup electricity is an essential facility to have. Therefore lignum tower has backup power to make the lives of its residents easier. 

Water supply

Lignum tower ensures that the water supply is reliable so that all the residents have water available at all times without any issues.

Park & Jogging track

Lignum tower has focused on emulating those buildings outside Pakistan which are met with international acclaim. Therefore, Lignum tower has made a jogging track and park for its residents. Residents can relax in the greenery and great atmosphere.

Community center for events

A huge community center is a great asset for the residents of Lignum tower. Any event such as a wedding, gatherings, can be arranged in the community center and the staff can manage all the requirements for a great event.


All the good societies have libraries for the residents. Lignum tower in favor of increasing knowledge and having a space where residents can both relax and learn has made a library. Residents can bring their children to learn or have fun with the many choices of fiction and nonfiction books available at the library. 

Sports Complex

For sports enthusiasts, Lignum tower has tennis, badminton, and basketball courts for the residents who prefer to play to relax. Casual indoor games such as snooker, table tennis, and chess are also available for those who just want fun without much physical exertion.

Children play area

For families with children, having a proper area where children can play is very important. Therefore, Lignum tower has a dedicated children’s play area where children can play and have fun with different activities. 

Disabled access

Lignum tower is designed to be easily accessible for disabled people as well. This is to make Lignum tower at the level of international standards and building regulations while also making it easier for people with wheelchairs to move around the building.

Central AC and heater

Central air conditioning and heating system is a great way to regulate the temperature in the building and it is also energy efficient. So the whole lignum tower has central heating and air conditioning for the ease of residents. 

Waste disposal chutes

Waste is a huge issue for any residential area. That’s why lignum tower has a garbage chute system that gets rid of the garbage without adding waste and problems for the residents of the building. This chute system is being used all around the world in apartment buildings and is the best way to have a clean area and efficient garbage disposal.

Large parking lot

Keeping in mind the parking requirements of the residents, the staff and any guests of Lignum Tower, 4 floors for just parking spaces have been constructed. This means that the parking is more than enough for any parking needs of the residents.

Fast elevators

Having 16 floors means that normal-speed elevators are not very effective to be used. Therefore lignum tower has installed elevators with the latest technology that makes them fast. Thus there is no time wasted by the residents in waiting too long for the elevator. 

Service elevators

Separate service elevators for the staff and maintenance personnel are available so that the main elevators are always available for the residents without delay. The service elevators also come in handy during medical emergencies or a fire.

Main gate intercom access

The security arrangement of Lignum tower is a priority therefore the main gate entry is done through intercom access. Visitors who wish to enter have to identify themselves through the intercom and only then they can be allowed inside. 

Earthquake resistance 

Lignum tower has been made with the best premium grade materials and has earthquake resistance. The earthquake resistance means that the building can withstand earthquakes upto seismic zone 3.

Fire safety system

For a large building such as Lignum tower, a proper fire safety system needs to be in place. Lignum tower has proper fire exits and fire alarms which are according to the required safety standards. 

Nearby facilities 

Lignum Tower is within walking distance of Giga Mall so all facilities of Giga mall are accessible to Lignum tower residents. This includes the shopping mall, the cinema, and the food court. 

Apartment Types in Lignum Towers Islamabad 

Lignum tower has multiple apartment options for many different types of people. Whether they are students, a couple, or a full extended family, Lignum tower is able to meet those needs.

There are studio apartments and 1, 2,3, and 4 bedroom apartments. For the ones who desire full luxury penthouses are also available.

Studio Apartment In Lignum Towers

The studio apartment is the perfect choice for single people or those who just want a living space within a great area. The studio flat has a bathroom, kitchen, living area and bedroom space. There is also a balcony for the great view outside.

1 bedroom apartment In Lignum Towers

The 1 bedroom apartment has a bedroom with an attached bathroom, a kitchen, a drawing room/dining area, and a terrace. The terrace access is from the drawing room and the kitchen is an open kitchen right next to the entrance. 

2 bedroom apartment In Lignum Towers

The 2 bedroom apartment is available in 2 different styles or layouts(A & B)

. It has a drawing room and dining area, 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and 2 terraces. One terrace has access from the bedroom and another has access from the drawing room.

A major difference between the B layout is that the drawing room has an attached bathroom and it is closed off on the side for more privacy.

3 bedroom apartment In Lignum Towers

This apartment has 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a drawing room with an attached bathroom, a living and dining area, a kitchen, a store, and a balcony. The balcony has access from the living room.

4 bedroom apartment In Lignum Towers

This has 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, store, dining room, a drawing room with attached dining room and bathroom, a lounge area, and 3 balconies. 1 balcony has access from the bedroom while the 2 other balconies have access from the 2 dining areas.

Lignum Tower Penthouse Suites

The penthouse has 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a maid room with a bathroom, a lounge, a powder room, a kitchen, a dirty kitchen, a laundry room, a drawing room, and a huge terrace with a jacuzzi. The terrace has access from the drawing room and covers half of the property outside. This is a great place for large gatherings.


Studio apartment layout

Studio Apartment is almost 850 sq.ft.

1 Bedroom apartment layout

2 bedroom apartment layout A

2 bedroom apartment layout B

3 bedroom apartment layout

4 Bedroom apartment layout

Penthouse layout

Lignum Towers FLOOR PLANS

1st floor to 11th-floor plan

12th to 18th-floor plan

Why invest in Lignum Tower?

Great Rental value 

The rental value of Lignum Tower is very good and is due to the central location and the nearby amenities available for all residents. Therefore, the rental value due to high demand will always be at a competitive rate and the selling price will also keep increasing. 

Safe investment

Lignum tower is an already finished project and thus it is an approved project and will give ROI as soon as you buy. As you buy you can put your property for rent and due to the high demand for rent in the area, it will be sure to get a tenant very quickly.

Therefore, the rental value, the strategic location, and the ever-increasing projects such as Goldcrest views being constructed right next to Lignum tower, the value of Lignum tower will keep increasing especially when the projects like goldcrest are concluded. Thus such an investment will keep growing and is thus a safe investment. 

Great Location

The central location with gold crest views and Giga mall nearby, all amenities and facilities are within reach of residents of Lignum tower. Therefore whether you want to live here yourself or rent out your apartment, the location will mean that it will be a great place to live for you or your tenant. 

A Shopping mall, medical facilities, cinema, and nearby education infrastructure are all essential facilities that are in proximity of all residents of Lignum tower. This is the epitome of worry-free living. 


You have seen the vantages of Lignum tower(location, facilities, and safety) you must see the option to invest in Lignum tower as a great option. Whether you want to live here yourself or put the property for rent you have a great choice in Lignum tower. Even if you want a quick profit you can invest in Lignum tower, and then sell it within a year for a good profit.

If you want to buy an apartment in Lignum tower don’t hesitate can call us now to get detailed advice on the best investment for you from Amanah.pk.


When was Lignum tower finished?

In 2016

Does Lignum Tower have any load shedding?

No. Lignum tower has a backup power option so there is no load-shedding in the building.

What types of apartments are available in Lignum Tower?

Studio flats and 1,2,3, and 4 bedroom apartments are available in Lignum tower. Penthouses are also available which have 4 bedrooms.

What are the facilities available in Lignum Tower?

Below is a list of the main facilities available in Lignum Tower:

  • Backup electricity
  • Jogging track
  • Park 
  • Children’s play area
  • 24-hour CCTV surveillance
  • Main gate entry through an intercom system
  • Community center
  • Waste disposal chutes
  • Prayer room
  • Sports Complex
  • Library 
  • Earthquake resistant building

Why should I invest in Lignum Tower?

Here are a few reasons for investing in Lignum Tower

  • Great Location
  • All nearby amenities
  • Finished project
  • Best rental and selling value of apartments which will keep increasing
  • High demand for tenants(so the property is always rented)

How can I buy an apartment in Lignum Tower?

Contact us for more details on pricing and availability of flats. Call now: 

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