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CDA’s Deputy Commissioner Sardar Asif Leads Land Recovery Mission

In a significant move to reclaim state land, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) conducted a major operation on Thursday targeting a housing society. Led by CDA Deputy Commissioner Sardar Asif, the operation resulted in the sealing of three illegal plazas and the main gate of the society.

Land Recovery Mission

An official from the CDA revealed that the operation was executed on the direct orders of the authority’s chairman, as a whopping 510 kanals of land were found to be under illegal occupation.

The grand operation marks a stern stance against encroachments and illegal constructions in the capital, signaling the authority’s commitment to reclaiming public land for its intended purposes.

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Illegal land occupation and unauthorized constructions have long been a challenge for urban planners and authorities in Islamabad, often leading to disputes and legal battles. The CDA’s proactive measures to tackle such encroachments are crucial in maintaining the city’s planned development and preserving its aesthetic and environmental integrity.

The successful operation underscores the CDA’s determination to uphold the rule of law and ensure the proper utilization of state-owned land. It also serves as a warning to others engaging in similar unlawful activities, emphasizing that encroachments will not be tolerated.

Efforts to reclaim illegally occupied land are essential not only for restoring order and legality but also for safeguarding public interests and promoting sustainable urban development. The CDA’s decisive action sets a precedent for accountability and responsible land management practices in Islamabad and beyond.

As the capital continues to grow and evolve, initiatives like these are vital to safeguarding its future and ensuring that its resources are utilized judiciously for the benefit of all citizens.

The operation led by Deputy Commissioner Sardar Asif signifies a step forward in the ongoing battle against encroachments and illegal constructions, reaffirming the CDA’s commitment to upholding the law and protecting public assets.