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Kite Flying Association Declares Basant Celebrations in Rawalpindi

Kite Flying Association

The Kite Flying Association Rawalpindi has announced its plans to celebrate Basant, the traditional kite-flying festival, on February 9 in Rawalpindi Cantt and on February 16 in Rawalpindi City, defying the government’s ban on the event.

Kite Flying Association Basant Declaration 

Kite Flying Association

Undeterred by the ban, the association has initiated preparations for the festivities and made significant declarations regarding safety measures. The association explicitly stated that metallic strings would not be allowed during the kite-flying activities. Offenders failing to comply with this rule will face legal consequences and be handed over to the police.

The association has urged the police to take action against wholesale dealers involved in the illegal manufacturing and sale of metallic strings, emphasizing the potential danger to human lives. Strict measures will be taken against those violating the ban, as per the rule of law.

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Vice Chairman Muhammad Iqbal and Joint Secretary Iqar Mehmood of the Kite Flying Association of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have firmly expressed their refusal to accept a ban on Basant celebrations in the garrison city. They officially declared the celebration of Basant next year, scheduled for February 9 in Rawalpindi Cantt and February 16 in Rawalpindi City.

To enhance the joy of the festival, the association announced special Basant nights on February 8 and February 15, beginning at sunset and continuing until 1 am. White-colored kites will be flown on these occasions.

In the event of rainfall on the designated dates, Basant will be rescheduled for the following week, with no intentions of cancellation. The association has issued strict instructions to all kite flyers to refrain from using metal strings, providing normal thread strings instead. Rooftop BBQs and the prohibition of aerial flying, allowing only drums, are among the additional measures to ensure a safe celebration.

Expressing concern over potential crackdowns by the administration, the association deemed it unfair if kite flyers were harassed despite adhering to these imposed restrictions.

Sources revealed that the association plans to procure approximately 3.5 million kites and 1.5 million strings from Peshawar, Abbottabad, and Gujranwala. Orders for these items can be placed through social media, with deliveries promised to the doorsteps of eager kite enthusiasts.