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Khattak City Pabbi | NOC Approved | Complete Details & Location

Khattak City Pabbi Nowshera

Khattak City Pabbi is a 3000 Kanal, TMA-Pabbi-Approved housing society located in Pabbi, Nowshera, and right on main GT Road. The developers of this outstanding venture are Nawab Housing Associates Pvt Ltd.  It is considered one of the safest housing societies in Peshawar. That is why people are showing great interest in buying property here.

Due to the existence of Khattak City Pabbi, citizens of Khattak City get access to the most luxurious and modern place to live. It offers various sizes of plots at highly affordable rates. The project is surrounded by loads of important landmarks which are going to be beneficial for the residents and visitors. The developers are now busy building high-class infrastructure, buildings, recreational areas, and various amenities. 

Khattak City Pabbi Construction Update

Khattak City Pabbi is making significant strides in its development. The housing society has successfully completed essential infrastructure work, including water and electricity supply, as well as the installation of gas pipelines. While the gas supply is expected to become operational in the coming months, sewerage pipelines and drainage systems are already in place.

Khattak City Pabbi Owners and Developers

Khattak City Pabbi is owned and developed by Nawab Housing Associates Pvt Ltd. They have assembled an expert team of engineers, builders, interior designers, exterior designers, builders, planners, and administration experts. The company has a diverse portfolio in the real estate industry of Peshawar and is working on its next potential projects. The developers have successfully delivered the following projects:

Khattak City Pabbi NOC Approval

The most important trust factor that counts for the clients is NOC approval. No one tends to buy property in any housing society without seeking the legal status of the project. Here is the good news for interested people, that the NOC of Khattak City Pabbi is allegedly approved by TMA Pabbi. It lies under the jurisdiction of Nowshera Cantonment. It is the safest place to live and invest.

Khattak City Pabbi Location

Khattak City Pabbi is located in the neighborhood of Pabbi, on the main GT Road. It is just five minutes drive away from Bypass Road, Peshawar. It is a great place to choose for a living because it is surrounded by many commercial areas, shopping malls, housing societies, and other modern amenities. People are showing great interest due to its prime location and worth.

Khattak City Pabbi Accessibility

Khattak City Pabbi is accessible to many important and major routes of Peshawar. The following accessibility is connected to this project:

  • Located at main GT Road Pabbi
  • 5 min drive away from Bypass Road, Peshawar
  • 6 min drive away from Dagai Road
  • 9 min drive away from Manki Road, Peshawar
  • 10 min drive away from Cherat Road
  • 15 min drive away from National Highway Nowshera-Mardan N-45, Peshawar
  • 17 min drive away from Nowshera-Charsadda Road, Peshawar

Khattak City Pabbi Nearby Areas and Landmarks

Khattak City Pabbi is surrounded by many important landmarks and areas which make it an ideal place to live. All sorts of products and services are available in the surroundings. The following areas are located near Khattak City Pabbi:

  • ASC Colony, Nowshera
  • Paradise City, Nowshera
  • Dheri Kati Khel, Nowshera
  • Qazi Hussain Medical Complex
  • Abu Obaid Colony
  • Golf Club Nowshera
  • GT Road Nowshera
  • Akramabad
  • Associate Industry Colony, Nowshera
  • Hakimabad 
  • Pabbi Police Station
  • Government Degree College Pabbi
  • Bypass, Nowshera
  • Railway Track, Nowshera
  • Cantonment, Nowshera

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Documents Required for Booking in Khattak City Pabbi

Following Documents are required for the booking of Khattak City Pabbi:

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of CNIC of Next to Kin
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Booking Amount
Documents Required for Booking in Khattak City Pabbi

Khattak City Pabbi Masterplan

The master plan of Khattak City Pabbi covers a land area of 3000 Kanal. The developers have started to implement this magnificent master plan with all sorts of modern facilities and amenities. The master plan includes residential plots, commercial plots, a grand mosque, recreational areas, sports areas, playgrounds, educational institutes, healthcare centers, financial institutes, and world-class infrastructure. This masterplan is amazingly making this project accessible to many important routes of the city.

Residential Plots in Khattak City Pabbi

The following residential plots are for sale in Khattak City Pabbi

  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 20-Marla

Khattak City Pabbi Payment Plan

The developers have made an encouraging payment plan for the clients. They offer the plots for only a 15% down payment and easy forty-five monthly installments. It is one of the most affordable housing societies with endless luxurious amenities and facilities. The following payment plan is offered by the developers.

Payment Plan – Residential Plots

Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking/ Confirmation45 Monthly Installments4 Yearly InstallmentsPossession
5 Marla1,500,00050,00010,000160,000260,000
7 Marla2,100,00070,00014,000224,000364,000
10 Marla3,000,000100,00020,000320,000520,000
20 Marla6,000,000200,00040,000640,0001,040,000

Khattak City Pabbi Facilities and Amenities

Khattak City Pabbi is the safest and most luxurious housing society located in an ideal location. The developers have made it available for highly affordable rates and installment plans. All the facilities and amenities have been provided according to international standards. The following major facilities are offered by the developers:

Khattak City Pabbi Facilities and Amenities

Grand Mosque

A Mosque is the most important thing to be included in any Muslim housing society. That is why the developers have added a grand Mosque in Khattak City Pabbi. The mosque will have all sorts of amenities like carpeted floors, geysers, an HVAC system, quality loudspeakers, noise-canceling mic, accommodation for the Mosque’s Imam, and many more.

Water Resources

Water is the most basic need of humans to stay healthy. So, the developers have decided to build huge water reservoirs to collect rainwater and make it usable for daily chores. Plus, water filtration plants will be installed in the society to provide pure drinking water to the residents and visitors.

Eco-friendly Environment

The developers have kept a moderate ratio between luxury and nature in society. They have included green projects such as gardens, nurseries, parks, roadside plants, and residential gardens. The green and eco-friendly environment will allow people to breathe fresh air and prevent many diseases from spreading.

Hospitals and Medical Services

Quality medical services are the right of every person on this planet. That is why developers nowadays especially include medical complexes or hospitals in housing societies because they increase the living standard of the residents. So, there will be international standard hospitals in Khattak City Pabbi with 24/7 emergency services. Plus, the ambulance services and private clinics will be there to facilitate the residents in any case.

Educational Institutes

International standard educational institutes are likely to build a strong nation and are equally important as hospitals. That is why quality educational institutes have been included in the master plan. These schools and colleges will have modern amenities like computer labs, science labs, neat and clean classrooms, HVAC installations, wide playgrounds, cafeterias, qualified and trained teaching staff, cooperative allied staff, and well-maintained buildings.

Recreational Areas

Recreational areas are an important part of the master plan of any housing society because these provide enjoyment and fun to the routine of adults and kids. The parks and recreational areas on Khattak City Pabbi are full of rides, swings, sitting areas, plants, flowers, walking tracks, and other decorations.

Commercial Zone

As we have mentioned that society is surrounded by many commercial zones, but there will also be a separate commercial zone in society. The commercial area will have shops and outlets for all kinds of products and services. There will be local and international brands to sell quality products.

World-class Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Khattak City Pabbi is designed according to international designers and strategies. It includes wide streets, service roads, parking areas, open areas, recreational areas, buildings, and a broad main boulevard. This infrastructure is designed to keep the traffic flow smooth and prevent road accidents.

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Reasons to Invest in Khattak City Pabbi

Certainly, here is a list of reasons to invest in Khattak City Pabbi:

  • Strategic Location
  • Development Potential
  • Amenities and Facilities
  • 24/7 Security
  • Community Living
  • Investor-Friendly Environment
  • Potential Rental Income
  • Well-Planned Infrastructure
  • Expected Increase in Property Values

Why you should invest with Amanah.pk?

We Don’t’s:

  • Ask for Own or Markup
  • Use Music in our Marketing
  • Use Female Face in our Marketing

We Do:

  • Plant Trees for our Clients
  • Offer the best Competitive Prices
Why you should invest with Amanah.pk?

Khattak City Pabbi Salient Features

Khattak City Pabbi is for sure a great place that is not only suitable to live but also a good project to invest your money. It is possible because of the following features of this project:

  • Accessibility
  • Affordability
  • TMA Approved Society
  • Water Resources
  • Grand Mosque
  • Recreational Areas
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Hospitals and Medical Services
  • Educational Institutes
  • Sports Complex
  • Secured Environment
  • Gated Community
  • 24/7 Power Supply
  • Utilities’ Supply
  • Commercial Zone
  • Local and International Brands
  • World-Class Infrastructure
  • Banks and ATMs 
  • Gardens and Nurseries

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the developers of Khattak City Pabbi?

Khattak City Pabbi is developed by Nawab Housing Associates Pvt Ltd.

Is the NOC of Khattak City Pabbi approved?

Yes! The NOC of Khattak City Pabbi is approved by TMA Pabbi.

Where is Khattak City Pabbi located?

Khattak City Pabbi is located in Pabbi, right on the main GT Road.

Are the plots in Khattak City Pabbi available in installments?

Yes! The plots are available in forty-five monthly and 4 yearly installments.

What is the percentage of the down payment in Khattak City Pabbi?

The plots are available for only a 15% down payment.

Which plots are offered for sale in Khattak City Pabbi?

Khattak City Pabbi offers the following residential plots:

What is the payment plan of Khattak City Peshawar?

Khattak City Peshawar offers a convenient payment plan. The first down payment is 10%, with the balance paid over 50 monthly installments. Additionally, buyers have up to two years from the time of reservation to move into their new homes.


Khattak City Pabbi is a state-of-art housing society located in the prime location of Pabbi. It is the safest housing society because TMA Pabbi approves it. Along with modern and extraordinary amenities, it offers a wide range of residential and commercial plots for an affordable payment plan. So, don’t think much and get your bookings done for only 15% down payment.

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