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CDA Chairman Urges Swift Completion of Development Projects in Islamabad Sectors

Islamabad Sectors

The leadership of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) visited Sectors C-14, C-15, and C-16 of Islamabad on Thursday, focusing on an in-depth review of the ongoing development initiatives within these Islamabad sectors. The visit sought to assess the progress and challenges in these essential areas of the city.

Islamabad Sectors

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Chairman CDA Emphasizes Islamabad Sectors Development

During this visit, Chairman CDA Anwarul Haq received a comprehensive briefing regarding the ongoing development projects in the Islamabad sectors above. Expressing a strong commitment to sector development in Islamabad, Chairman Haq underscored the importance of expediting these projects and addressing any obstacles hindering their progress.

Chairman CDA stressed that all Islamabad sectors facing prolonged development delays should prioritize completing pending works swiftly. Notably, he emphasized the importance of providing possession of plots to allottees in a timely manner. This directive aims to ensure that residents can realize the benefits of their investments without undue delays.

Meeting the City’s Residential Needs

Chairman Haq highlighted the significance of completing development projects within these Islamabad sectors as a key step towards addressing the ever-growing residential demands of the city. The fast-paced urbanization and increased population of Islamabad necessitate efficient planning and execution of development works to accommodate the city’s evolving needs.

Final Words

The CDA‘s proactive involvement in assessing and accelerating development projects is a testament to its commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Islamabad and meeting the city’s expanding residential requirements. This visit to Islamabad sectors C-14, C-15, and C-16 underscores the authority’s dedication to creating a more vibrant and inclusive capital city for its residents.