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CDA Sets a New Deadline for Islamabad Expressway Project 

Islamabad Expressway Project 

The Islamabad Expressway project, which has already missed two deadlines, has been given a new completion date. Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa has instructed the concerned department to finish the project by August 14, instead of the previously extended deadline of September 30.

During a visit to the project site, Randhawa emphasized the importance of making the Expressway a signal-free corridor by August 14, to coincide with its planned inauguration. He urged the contractor and CDA’s engineering staff to expedite their efforts to meet this new deadline.

A press release from the CDA highlighted the chairman’s commitment to the project, noting significant progress in recent months following directives from Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi. Randhawa stressed that there should be no compromise on the quality of work and that he was personally overseeing the project at the minister’s behest. The original deadline for the project was March 2024, which was first extended to September 30 this year.

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CDA officials expressed confidence that the August 14 inauguration was achievable due to recent accelerated progress. They reported that work on several bridges within the project has been completed, with the railway bridge being 90% finished. However, the Binder Bridge is still under construction.

The CDA had awarded an Rs10.9 billion contract to the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) in September 2022 for the rehabilitation and expansion of the seven-kilometre portion of the Expressway from PWD Interchange to G.T. Road in Rawat. This critical route serves both light and heavy traffic between Islamabad and Lahore but has been plagued by daily bottlenecks due to its current two-lane configuration and ongoing construction.

Motorists have been facing severe traffic congestion and are eagerly awaiting the project’s completion. Despite the challenges, CDA officials remain optimistic about meeting the new deadline and easing the traffic woes of the federal capital.