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CDA Initiates Major Operation Against Islamabad Encroachments

Islamabad Encroachments

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched a major operation to combat
Islamabad encroachments, as directed by the new Chairman, Chaudhry Muhammad
Ali Randhawa. The aim is to restore the city’s original beauty by removing unauthorized
structures and reclaiming public spaces.

Operation Against Islamabad Encroachments

Islamabad Encroachments

The CDA Enforcement Directorate, in collaboration with the district administration, has
initiated a large-scale operation to clear the city of encroachments. The efforts have already
resulted in significant progress:
Lehtrar Road: Seven buildings were sealed for violating building codes, and dozens
of illegal billboards were removed from Pothohar Avenue. Two trucks filled with
billboards were seized during the operation.
Baharah Kahu and Dhamial Road: Two trucks filled with encroached goods were
Barri Imam: An operation against encroachment mafias resulted in the seizure of
one truck of goods.
Sector I-14: A suspect operating an illegal quarry in the park area was arrested, and
his tractor was impounded.

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Operations have also been conducted in other parts of Islamabad, including Khanna Pul,
Express Highway, I-9, and I-10, with successful results. Roads were cleared, and
encroachments were removed.
Chairman Randhawa is determined to continue these operations until the city is free from all
encroachments. He stated, “We will not rest until the beauty of Islamabad is restored to its
original state.” The Chairman also requested the Enforcement Directorate to coordinate with
the DMA department of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) to ensure
encroachments are removed from all markets within the capital city.
The CDA’s proactive approach has garnered positive responses, and stakeholders believe
that sustained efforts will ensure a significant improvement in Islamabad’s urban landscape.