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Islamabad Cracks Down on Vehicles with Tinted Glasses and Fancy Number Plates

Vehicles with Tinted Glasses

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Irfan Nawaz Memon, has issued firm directives to magistrates and Excise & Taxation officers to take stringent measures against vehicles with tinted glasses and non-compliant, fancy number plates.

In a bid to maintain city aesthetics and ensure strict adherence to traffic regulations, the ICT administration has urged citizens to promptly remove any illegal vehicle accessories to evade penalties, as highlighted by ICT spokesperson Dr. Abdullah Tabasum.

Crackdown on Vehicles with Tinted Glasses

Vehicles with Tinted Glasses

“This crackdown is a fundamental part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the city’s visual appeal and enforce compliance with traffic rules,” expressed Deputy Commissioner Islamabad. “We will not tolerate vehicles sporting illegal modifications, and we implore all citizens to proactively rid their vehicles of such accessories to avoid penalties.”

The joint operation conducted by the Excise and Taxation Department and the Islamabad Transport Authority persists on a daily basis. Notably, this intensified effort has already led to the impoundment of several non-compliant vehicles.

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“Our commitment lies in elevating Islamabad’s status as a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing city,” asserted Deputy Commissioner Islamabad. “We remain resolute in taking decisive actions against individuals disregarding traffic regulations to uphold the city’s decorum.”

Final Words

The directive emphasizes the administration’s unwavering stance in fostering compliance and order on the city’s roads, prioritizing adherence to established traffic regulations for the betterment of the community.