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Islamabad Capital Police Ensures Peace and Security in High-Security Zone

islamabad capital police

In response to the special directives from Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, the Islamabad Capital Police has committed to utilizing all available resources to maintain peace and tranquility within the federal capital, as stated by a public relations officer.

Stringent Security Measures by the Islamabad Capital Police

islamabad capital police

The Islamabad Capital Police has undertaken a series of stringent security measures to uphold safety and order within the city. One of the key focuses has been on ensuring data registration, identification documents, and an effective screening process for citizens entering the high-security zones.

Traffic Rules Enforcement

In their efforts to enforce law and order, the Islamabad Capital Police have not only concentrated on security checks but also on traffic rules violations. In the past week, the police have taken action against 678 vehicles and 537 motorcyclists for various traffic infractions at multiple high-security zone checkpoints.

The law enforcement authorities have made significant strides in rectifying vehicle-related violations. Over the course of the last week, they removed tinted glasses and improper number plates from 665 vehicles. Additionally, 13 vehicles were impounded due to the absence of proper papers. Challan tickets were issued to 537 motorcyclists for offenses such as not wearing helmets and overspeeding.

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Stringent directions have been imparted to all police officers and officials stationed at high-security zone checkpoints. Their duty is to be executed with unwavering responsibility and dedication, with an acute focus on safeguarding vital public and private properties, as well as embassies located within the high-security zones.

Enhanced Vigilance and Public Interaction

To bolster security measures, police officials have been instructed to ensure thorough data entry for all citizens entering high-security zones. Verification of identification documents is to be conducted meticulously, and any vehicles raising suspicion are to be subjected to thorough searches. Furthermore, a positive and courteous attitude toward the public is strongly emphasized, fostering a harmonious interaction between law enforcement and citizens.

The Islamabad Capital Police’s commitment to maintaining peace and security within the federal capital underscores their dedication to safeguarding the well-being and interests of the public. The heightened vigilance and stringent measures in place are instrumental in creating an environment where both citizens and the city’s valuable assets remain protected.