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CDA Gears Up for New Intra-City Bus Service with World Bank Support

Intra-City Bus Service

The World Bank has agreed to provide technical assistance to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for its upcoming intra-city bus service. The decision was made following a meeting held at the CDA headquarters, where a delegation led by Jen Jungenu Oh, representing the World Bank, met with CDA officials, including Chairman Anwarul Haq.

New Intra-City Bus Service 

Intra-City Bus Service

During the meeting, the CDA officials provided detailed insights into the existing metro bus operations in the federal capital. They outlined their plans to launch an additional intra-city bus service. It was disclosed that a fleet of 30 buses, out of 160, is expected to arrive from China next month to kickstart the new service.

To facilitate the new bus service, the CDA revealed its plan to construct three depots, with the primary one located at Zero Point. The World Bank delegation, after receiving a comprehensive briefing on the project, expressed their willingness to provide technical support during the construction phase of the depots.

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While the World Bank did not commit to providing financial assistance at this stage, it assured the CDA that the matter would be further examined in the subsequent stages of the project. In response to this commitment, Chairman CDA appointed a focal person from within the authority, Member Planning, to coordinate with the World Bank’s experts throughout the project.

In a separate development, the CDA faced challenges in the tendering process for constructing the main depot at Zero Point. Despite inviting bids from five government-owned companies, including National Logistics Cell, Frontier Work Organisation, National Construction Company, and Railway Construction Company, none showed interest in the project. Consequently, the CDA has been compelled to initiate an open tendering process to attract potential contractors to construct the crucial Zero Point depot.

The collaboration between the CDA and the World Bank is anticipated to significantly contribute to the successful implementation of the intra-city bus service, providing residents of the federal capital with an efficient and modern public transportation system.