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ICCI President Urges CDA to Enhance Infrastructure for Business Expansion

Infrastructure for Business Expansion

President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, has emphasized the necessity for the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to prioritize development works in markets, particularly focusing on revamping sewerage, sanitation systems, and patching to foster the growth of business activities. This statement was issued in a press release following his meeting with Mashuq Ali Sheikh, Director of Sanitation and Markets Development at the CDA.

Meeting to Enhance Infrastructure for Business Expansion

Infrastructure for Business Expansion

During the meeting held at the Chamber House on Saturday, Bakhtawari underscored the importance of addressing traders’ concerns regarding sewerage and sanitation. He highlighted specific sectors like G/9, G/10, and G-11, which he believes require special attention from the Authority.

Furthermore, Bakhtawari informed that the ICCI has taken steps to install water filtration plants in markets and assured that the completion of 16 bathrooms in different markets, entrusted to the ICCI, will be expedited. In response, Director Mashuq Ali Sheikh pledged to resolve all issues pertaining to sewerage, sanitation, and patching on a priority basis. He announced his decision to personally visit various business centers to assess issues firsthand and ensure their prompt resolution.

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Sheikh also committed to completing all patchwork in markets within a week’s time. He outlined plans to accompany Bakhtawari on visits to different markets, including F-8 Markaz and Blue Area, to address sanitation, sewerage, and market development concerns.

Former ICCI President and Secretary General of UBG, Zafar Bakhtawari, commended the CDA Director’s dedication to addressing traders’ issues, even on weekends. The meeting was attended by senior officials and representatives from various markets, including Raja Hassan Akhtar, President of Blue Area Traders Welfare Association, Zahid Qureshi, General Secretary of I-8 Markaz, and Azher Amin, General Secretary of TWA G-10, among others.

The gathering provided an opportunity for market representatives to directly communicate their challenges to the CDA Director, signaling a collaborative effort to enhance market infrastructure and address traders’ concerns in Islamabad.