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CDA Cracks Down Against Illegal Settlement in Sector I-12

Illegal Settlement in Sector I-12

In a decisive crackdown on illegal settlements and encroachments, the Capital Development Authority (CDA), along with the capital administration and the police, jointly conducted a comprehensive operation, resulting in the demolition of an illegal settlement in I-12.

This operation also targeted encroachments in various parts of the city, marking a significant step towards reclaiming government land from the encroachment mafia.

Operation Against Illegal Settlement in Sector I-12

Illegal Settlement in Sector I-12

According to officials from the CDA and the administration, the enforcement directorate (ED) of the CDA was at the forefront of the operation in I-12. During the operation, multiple rooms and cattle sheds were razed to the ground. 

Consequently, a staggering 275 kanals of land were successfully cleared and subsequently handed over to the sector development, paving the way for accelerated development work in the area.

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Other Areas Targeted

Simultaneously, the authorities targeted encroachments in I-10/3, where several commercial centers, roadside hotels, and tyre shops had been set up on government property. These unauthorized structures were promptly demolished. Additionally, encroachments causing traffic disruptions at Mandi Mor were also dealt with, allowing for the smooth flow of traffic once again. Belongings of the encroachers were confiscated during these operations.

Responding to public complaints, illegal counters and fruit kiosks in Melody Market met a similar fate, as the authorities took swift action to dismantle these encroachments. The confiscated belongings served as a stern warning to those who sought to profit from encroaching on public property.

The crackdown extended to I-9/4, where encroachers had set up fences and additional sheds outside the plot lines on government lands. These unauthorized structures were also razed to the ground.

CDA’s Warnings

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has made it abundantly clear that its operation against encroachments will persist. Over the past few months, the CDA has successfully reclaimed government lands worth billions of rupees from the encroachment mafia, sending a strong message that illegal settlements and encroachments will not be tolerated in the capital city.

This proactive stance by the CDA, in collaboration with the capital administration and the police, aims to restore and preserve Islamabad’s valuable land for planned development and public use while ensuring the rule of law is upheld.

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