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RDA’s Latest List of Illegal Housing Societies October 2023

Recently, a large number of illegal housing societies in the Rawalpindi Division have been demolished by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) due to non-compliance. Many of these housing schemes have been built without seeking legal approval from the RDA and enticing the general public with their fake advertisements and marketing. 

In light of this situation, RDA has launched a mega-scale encroachment drive targeting these illegal housing schemes and demolishing the said societies. They are also instructing the general public to avoid investing in such schemes and to do their due diligence before making such a huge investment. 

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How many illegal housing societies are there currently?

Currently, there are 261 illegal, 59 under process for legal compliance and 66 legally approved housing societies in the Rawalpindi division. This shocking number shows that hundreds of housing societies are illegal and are operating without seeking the necessary NOC from the RDA.

Also, the RDA hasn’t approved the master plan and layout plan for these illegal housing societies, meaning these are operating without having the ownership of streetlights, plots, and land area.

You can check out the legal status of these housing societies here.

What is the latest stance of RDA against illegal housing societies?

On the orders of DG RDA, Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa, RDA has taken strict action against illegal residential and commercial buildings in the last ten days. With help from the police and Building Control Wing, RDA has sealed 31 commercial buildings and demolished offices of three private housing societies. 

According to the latest news, RDA has demolished 11 commercial buildings and 5 under-construction commercial buildings on Shahpur Syedan Road. According to the spokesperson of RDA, these buildings were being built without NOC approval.  

RDA’s mega operation against illegal housing societies

Before launching this mega operation, RDA sent notices to the owners of these respective housing societies regarding getting the required NOC approval. They also warned them against fraudulent advertising and to stop misleading the general public. Upon non-compromise, RDA demolished the bunkers and main gates of the renowned housing societies on Chakri Road.

What are some of the illegal housing societies in Rawalpindi?

We have compiled a list of the illegal housing societies RDA has acted against to prevent you from investing in them.  Some of these include:

  • Blue World City
  • Abdullah City
  • Faisal Town Phase Phase II
  • Capital Smart City Extension
  • Multi Gardens Phase II
  • Avalon City
  • Al Haram City
  • Al Imran Homes
  • Taqwa Town
  • Pakistan PWD
  • Green Enclave
  • Islamabad Farm Phase 1 & 2
  • Lake View City
  • Manan City

Role of RDA task force against illegal housing societies

RDA formed a special task force in collaboration with the police and Building Wing to take strict action against illegal housing schemes in the Rawalpindi Division. The task force was responsible for thoroughly investigating and identifying illegal housing societies, taking legal action against violators, and launching public awareness campaigns to educate potential investors. 

They also seized illegal weapons from the security guards of these housing societies and sealed site offices, and demolished the main gates, bunkers, and billboards of these societies.

The purpose of demolishing illegal housing societies in Rawalpindi

RDA has recently become active and is launching mega anti-encroachment operations against illegal buildings and societies in Rawalpindi. They launched this operation after receiving tons of complaints from investors and people. DG RDA Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa launched this operation on orders of Commissioner Rawalpindi. Liaquat Ali Chattha.

DG RDA has made it clear that they will take strict action against illegal buildings and housing societies.

Also, the MP&TE Directorate of RDA has told the owners of illegal housing societies to stop advertising on print and social media. They have advised them to get in touch with RDA and get the necessary NOC approval as soon as possible or face consequences. 

The Bottom Line

RDA’s action against illegal housing schemes is much appreciated as potential investors know where to invest their money. Such operations help the common masses protect their money and make safe investments. 


How do you check a society that is approved or not?

You can check the legal status of a housing society by going to the RDA’s official website and checking the NOC status from there.

Which societies are approved by RDA?

Housing societies like Mumtaz City, Top City, and Gandhara City are approved by the RDA.

Which societies are approved by CDA?

MPCHS, Al-Hamra Avenue, and AGOCHS Phase II are approved by the CDA.

Is Abdullah City NOC approved?

Abdullah City has not obtained NOC from RDA.

What is NOC approved?

NOC approval given to a housing society to process any transaction related to the sale of plots and the development of its complete infrastructure.