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RDA Takes Action Against Five Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has launched a robust campaign against five illegal housing schemes in Rawalpindi, sending a clear message that such activities will not go unchallenged. These schemes, namely Khan Builders at Chahan, Heaven Dave at Misriot, Al-Imran Homes at Sihal on Chakri Road, Cargo Village at Katarian near the new Islamabad International Airport, and Theme Park View at Sukho on Chontra to Chak Beli Khan Link Road, have been at the center of the RDA’s attention.

Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

RDA’s Crackdown on Unauthorized Advertising and Marketing

The RDA is actively pursuing legal action against these illegal housing schemes in Rawalpindi’s illegal advertising and marketing, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the law. The public is strongly advised against investing in these unapproved housing schemes. Ensuring that any potential investment aligns with the legal framework is essential.

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Sponsors Encouraged to Seek RDA Approvals

In addition to addressing potential investors, the RDA is sending a clear message to the sponsors of these schemes. They are urged to follow the correct legal procedures and obtain the necessary RDA approvals to avoid legal consequences. 

Collaborative Efforts to Tackle Illegal Advertisements

Recognising the prevalence of illegal advertisements on various online platforms, the RDA has contacted various authorities to address this issue. Letters and requests to cease the promotion of these illegal housing schemes have been sent to the Governor State Bank of Pakistan, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Rawalpindi, FIA Cyber Crime Islamabad, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Islamabad, SNGPL Islamabad, the District Collector Rawalpindi, District Council Rawalpindi, PEMRA Islamabad, and Commissioner Islamabad.

The RDA’s action aims to protect potential investors and to ensure that all housing and construction activities fall within the boundaries of the law. The public is encouraged to refrain from engaging in illegal housing schemes in Rawalpindi and to comply with the legal requirements.

The RDA is resolute in its commitment to taking strict action against any violations, whether they pertain to housing schemes, construction activities, commercial ventures, booking offices, or encroachments.

Final Words

In summary, the Rawalpindi Development Authority is actively working to curtail illegal housing schemes in Rawalpindi, making the city safer and more compliant with legal standards.