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PHATA Cautions Public of Investing in Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) has issued a stern warning to the public regarding illegal housing schemes in Rawalpindi, emphasizing the risks associated with engaging in any business dealings within unapproved housing projects.

Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

In a statement released on Tuesday, a spokesperson for PHATA Rawalpindi cautioned both the general public and the business community against participating in the sale or purchase of plots and constructed houses in unauthorized housing schemes. The spokesperson reiterated that PHATA would not assume responsibility for any fraudulent incidents that may occur as a result of involvement in such schemes.

Furthermore, the spokesperson highlighted the specific case of RMRSCO Pvt Ltd, led by Chief Executive Officer Rahimuddin, which has submitted proposals for two contracts: Rudn Enclave and Rudn Enclave-II. These projects are situated in Moza Chauhan Tehsil and District Rawalpindi, and Moza Badial Adiala Road, respectively.

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However, it was clarified that neither of these applications has received approval from PHATA under the Punjab Affordable Private Housing Scheme Rules-2020. As such, the mentioned schemes are still under consideration and remain unapproved by the planning agency.

The statement serves as a reminder to exercise caution and due diligence when engaging in property transactions, urging individuals to verify the legal status and approval of housing schemes before proceeding with any agreements.