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RDA Takes Action Against 8 Illegal Housing Schemes

Illegal Housing Schemes

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has launched an operation against illegal housing schemes, following directives from the Divisional Intelligence Committee.

The RDA spokesperson announced that the task force has intensified its efforts against these illegal developments. During an operation in Taxila, the RDA Enforcement Squad targeted eight illegal housing schemes: Aroura Housing Scheme, Al-Khan Enclave, Land Sub-Division, Wah Residencia, Fahad Builders (including offices for Education Town/Wah Hills), Al-Madina Land Sub-Division, Education Town/Wah Hills/Kashmir Town, and Khawas Town.

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These schemes are located in various areas including Mouzas Lab Thatho, Niko, Bhoti Pind, Buddu, Gari Afghana, Bajar, and Taxila Tehsil within the Rawalpindi district. The Enforcement Squad sealed and demolished the site offices and subdivisions of these illegal schemes.

Despite repeated warnings to halt illegal advertising, plot bookings, and development activities, the owners continued to operate booking offices in violation of regulations. The spokesperson emphasized that the crackdown on illegal housing societies, as per the commissioner’s orders, will persist to prevent fraud and protect citizens from exploitation.