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Task Force Takes Action Against Illegal Housing Scheme in Rawalpindi

Illegal Housing Scheme in Rawalpindi

In a determined effort to combat illegal housing schemes, a Task Force, operating under the special directives of the Divisional Intelligence Committee initiated a comprehensive operation against the Qaswa illegal housing scheme in Rawalpindi. Situated in Moza Thoha, Khalsa, Tehsil Kalar Syedan, the operation was executed in strict accordance with the law, targeting those in violation of established regulations.

Task Force’s Operation Against an Illegal Housing Scheme in Rawalpindi

Illegal Housing Scheme in Rawalpindi

The Task Force left no stone unturned in its pursuit of dismantling illegal structures, including the site office, boundary walls, main entrance, roads, and other infrastructures associated with the Qaswa housing scheme. These actions come as a response to the ongoing issue of unauthorized housing schemes that have plagued the region.

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Under the watchful eye of Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Liaqat Ali Chatta, and with the active involvement of the Director General of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), the Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi, and the City Police Officer Rawalpindi, the operation against illegal housing societies was carefully supervised. This collaborative approach highlights the government’s commitment to cracking down on unauthorized housing schemes that exploit unsuspecting citizens.

The Director General of the RDA made it clear that this operation would continue relentlessly without any discrimination against those found in violation of the rules. He emphasized that the government was making all-out efforts to control the illegal practices of unapproved housing schemes, which have been preying on the citizens and causing them financial losses.

RDA’s Strict Warnings

In response to the operation, citizens have been strongly advised against investing in illegal housing schemes. They are encouraged to verify the status of housing schemes on the official website of the Rawalpindi Development Authority, which can be accessed at www.rda.gop.pk.

It is worth noting that prior to the operation, a formal notice was issued to the owner and sponsors of the Qaswa illegal housing scheme, urging them to cease illegal advertisements, booking of plots, and development work. This notice was issued due to their operation of illegal booking offices in clear violation of established rules and regulations.

The recent operation against the Qaswa housing scheme reflects the government’s unwavering commitment to preserving the rights of citizens and ensuring that they are not exploited by unscrupulous housing schemes operating outside the bounds of the law.

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