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Special Team Formed to Track 758 Illegal Afghan Nationals in Rawalpindi

Illegal Afghan Nationals in Rawalpindi

A special team comprising police, special branch, and intelligence agencies’ officials has been established to track down 758 illegal Afghan nationals in Rawalpindi. The team’s formation aims to enforce immigration laws and maintain the integrity of national security.

The Number of Illegal Afghan Nationals in Rawalpindi

Illegal Afghan Nationals in Rawalpindi

Since November 1, 5000 illegal immigrants have voluntarily left Rawalpindi district, while 65 individuals have been deported to their respective home countries.

The Special Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations has directed Sub-Inspectors (SPs), Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs), and Station House Officers (SHOs) to lead special teams, with a focus on tracing and detaining the identified ‘illegal’ Afghan nationals. The holding centre established in Khayaban-i-Sir Syed will serve as a facility for temporary detention before repatriation.

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A comprehensive list of 758 illegal foreigners, yet to be traced by law enforcement, has been provided to relevant police officers for immediate action.

Sources reveal that a significant number of illegal foreigners, totaling 8,728, have left the Rawalpindi division voluntarily. Furthermore, 234 individuals have been deported since November 1 as part of the ongoing efforts to regulate immigration.

Within Rawalpindi district, 5,000 individuals opted to leave voluntarily, while 65 were deported. In the Attock district, 1,916 illegal foreigners voluntarily departed, with 157 facing deportation. Similarly, in Jhelum, 642 illegal foreign nationals left voluntarily, and 12 were deported.

Immigration Challenges

These measures underscore the commitment of law enforcement agencies to address immigration challenges, ensuring compliance with national laws and safeguarding the security and well-being of the region.

Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and cooperate with authorities to facilitate the lawful resolution of immigration-related issues.

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