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Government Authorities Demolish Illegal Afghan Homes in Islamabad

Illegal Afghan Homes in Islamabad

In alignment with the government’s decision to address the issue of Afghan refugees living illegally in the federal capital, Islamabad, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the district administration have undertaken a significant operation to dismantle hundreds of illegal Afghan homes in Islamabad.

Collaborative Security Operation on Illegal Afghan Homes In Islamabad

Illegal Afghan Homes in Islamabad

This operation was executed in coordination with a substantial deployment of Islamabad Police, Rangers, and the district administration. Heavy machinery was deployed to facilitate the dismantling of these unauthorized dwellings. Prior to the operation, authorities had issued notices to the Afghan settlement residents, urging them to vacate their homes in compliance with the government’s directive to avoid legal action.

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Operation to Ensure Public Peace

The government’s decision to conduct this operation was primarily motivated by the need to maintain public peace within the federal capital. It is noted that some Afghan refugees have been involved in criminal activities and have been residing in these areas for an extended period.

This operation has gained momentum in the past few days, given the approaching deadline set by the government for Afghan refugees to leave Pakistan, which is October 31. The Islamabad Police played an integral role in assisting with the operation.

Legal Afghan Nationals Protected

In an effort to distinguish between legal Afghan residents and those residing illegally, the Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) emphasized that Afghan nationals with Proof of Registration and Afghan Citizen Cards issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) were permitted to stay in Pakistan temporarily. Registered Afghans were also encouraged to return to their homeland voluntarily.

The Ministry underscored that harassing or arresting legally registered Afghan refugees would tarnish Pakistan’s international reputation, built on decades of hosting millions of Afghan refugees. The government’s stance is clear: those who are legally staying in the country should not be subjected to any form of harassment or arrest.

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Final Words

The ongoing efforts to address illegal residency in Islamabad reflect the government’s commitment to ensuring national security and peace, while also upholding international obligations and humanitarian considerations.