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Islamabad Administration Crack Down on Illegal Activities in Islamabad

Illegal Activities in Islamabad

In a multifaceted operation aimed at restoring order and combatting illegal activities in Islamabad, the city’s administration, led by Assistant Commissioner Secretariat Aneel Saeed and the Magistrate Secretariat, joined forces with the Capital Development Authority (CDA)

Illegal Activities in Islamabad

The purpose of launching a grand operation against illegal activities in Islamabad

Over several days, the operation tackled encroachments, illegal constructions, and other urban challenges. This comprehensive initiative highlighted the unwavering commitment of local authorities to address Illegal Activities in Islamabad and promote the city’s safety and organization.

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Here’s what the grand operation entailed:

Dismantling Illegal Structures

The core of this operation was the systematic dismantling of illegal structures that have marred the cityscape for far too long. In various areas of the Secretariat subdivision, the authorities removed structures that had been constructed in violation of regulations and land use policies. These illegal constructions were eyesores and significantly threatened the city’s urban planning integrity.

Seizure of Illicit Materials

The operation included seizing illicit construction materials in conjunction with dismantling these illegal structures. This measure was crucial in preventing further illegal constructions and setting an example that flouting construction regulations would not go unchecked.

Sealing of Unauthorized Buildings and Plazas

Several unauthorised buildings and commercial plazas were sealed during the operation. This step emphasised the authorities’ commitment to enforcing legal norms and discouraging unauthorised constructions. It aimed to rectify past violations and serve as a deterrent for future infractions.

Combating Organized Begging

Recognising the profoundly entrenched issue of organised begging within the city, the Assistant Commissioner’s Secretariat concurrently launched an operation targeting professional beggars. Civil Defense volunteers collaborated with local law enforcement agencies to apprehend individuals engaged in systematic and exploitative begging practices. The operation sought to disrupt these networks that often preyed on vulnerable segments of the population.

Closure of Illegal Petrol and LPG Agencies

The authorities also addressed illegal businesses operating within the city. Two unauthorised petrol stations and an illicit Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) agency were promptly sealed. The manager responsible for these illegal operations was taken into custody. This action exemplified the authorities’ resolve to eliminate violations that threaten public safety and order.

Public Health and Sanitation

Public health and sanitation received due attention in parallel with the crackdown on illegal constructions. Fogging and fumigation activities were initiated in various areas of Islamabad, including housing societies. 

These efforts were carried out under the vigilant supervision of the Assistant Commissioner Secretariat, as per the directives of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon. These measures were critical for safeguarding public health, reducing the prevalence of vector-borne diseases, and ensuring the city remains a healthy and habitable place for its residents.

Community Engagement

As part of this comprehensive crackdown, authorities recognized the importance of engaging the local community in maintaining a clean and organized city. Public awareness campaigns were launched to educate residents about the significance of complying with urban planning regulations and the adverse consequences of illegal construction.

These campaigns aimed to empower citizens with the knowledge needed to be active participants in the city’s development, emphasizing that a collective effort is crucial for creating a safer and more beautiful Islamabad.

The Bottom Line

The comprehensive crackdown on illegal activities in Islamabad represents a commendable and essential initiative. It reflects the authorities’ unwavering commitment to upholding the rule of law, preserving urban planning standards, and enhancing the overall well-being of the city’s residents.

These proactive and integrated actions are pivotal in making Islamabad a cleaner, safer, and more organised metropolis. While the accomplishments are promising, ongoing diligence is essential to maintain the city’s integrity and enhance its livability. As this operation unfolds, it serves as a model for proactive, multi-faceted governance in addressing modern cities’ diverse challenges.