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Minister Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti Inaugurates ICP Traffic Office in Faizabad

ICP Traffic Office in Faizabad

To enhance traffic management and improve citizen services, Caretaker Federal Minister for Interior, Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti, inaugurated the ICP Traffic Office in Faizabad on Monday. The event marked a pivotal moment for the city’s law enforcement, attended by ICCPO Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, senior police officers, and a substantial gathering of officials. A ceremonial guard of honor by a smart contingent unit added a touch of formality to the occasion.

The Objective of the ICP Traffic Office in Faizabad

ICP Traffic Office in Faizabad

The primary objective of the newly established Traffic Office is to streamline and enhance efficiency in traffic-related affairs, ultimately benefiting the residents of Islamabad. Minister Bugti, in his inaugural address, stressed the paramount importance of upholding the law without succumbing to any form of political interference.

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He urged the officers present to prioritize public service and commended the dedication of Islamabad Capital Police officials in maintaining seamless traffic flow, particularly in challenging weather conditions and during public events.

“Laws are equal for everyone; ensure its enforcement without any bias. Let your commitment to public service be your motto. You have been chosen by Allah for this service; take pride in your responsibilities,” Minister Bugti emphasized during his speech.

A New Milestone

ICCPO Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan took the opportunity to highlight the achievements of the Islamabad Capital Police in efficiently managing traffic, especially during adverse weather conditions and ongoing construction activities. He applauded the use of modern technology, including citywide surveillance cameras, to enforce traffic laws and issue e-challans for violators.

However, Dr. Khan also pointed out the pressing need for additional personnel to address the growing population and the evolving traffic management challenges. Currently, the Islamabad Capital Police, with 600 officers and officials, is shouldering the responsibility of handling the city’s traffic. Dr. Khan stressed the urgency of recruiting an additional 2600 personnel to strengthen their efforts.

He lauded the continuous and unwavering efforts of the police force in maintaining traffic flow and providing optimal travel facilities for the citizens. “The Islamabad Capital Police is always engaged in maintaining the flow of traffic in the federal capital and providing the best travel facilities to the citizens,” Dr. Khan maintained.

Final Thoughts on ICP Traffic Office in Faizabad

The inauguration of the Traffic Office at Faizabad represents a significant step towards improving the overall traffic infrastructure in Islamabad, aligning with the government’s commitment to ensuring public safety and convenience. The event concluded with optimism for a future where the capital’s traffic management continues to evolve and meet the needs of its growing population.