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Commercial Zones in City Transformed into Hubs for Encroachments

Hubs for Encroachments

Contrary to the Punjab government’s policy and strict directives from the Superior Courts, city managers have neglected the escalating encroachments in the city. Major markets and bazaars are increasingly congested with encroachments and traffic.

Hubs for Encroachments

Hubs for Encroachments

Raja Bazaar, Narankari Bazaar, Barra Bazaar, Dalgaran Bazaar, Mochi Bazaar, Namak Mandi Bazaar, Lal Haveli Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar, Moti Bazaar, Iqbal Road, Commercial Market, Sadiqabad Bazaar, Muslim Town Bazaar, Khayaban Sir Syed Bazaar, Adiala Road Bazaars, and numerous other localities are overrun with encroachments, exacerbating the congestion daily.

This unchecked encroachment has led to severe traffic congestion, making it difficult for pedestrians and vehicles to navigate through these areas. Despite clear policies and court orders aimed at curbing such practices, the lack of enforcement by city officials has allowed the problem to worsen.

Residents and business owners are increasingly frustrated with the situation, calling for immediate action to restore order and accessibility to the city’s bustling commercial hubs. The persistent encroachments not only hinder daily activities but also pose significant safety hazards, highlighting the urgent need for effective intervention by the authorities.