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How to Check Housing Society Registration in Pakistan?

How to Check Housing Society Registration in Pakistan?

Whenever a person heads towards the real estate market to buy a property, he first intends to make sure that the property is legally registered by the concerned authority or not. But people need clarification about where to look and how to search. Everyday people rush to buy plots and other properties because of increasing demand and need.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan’s survey, almost 12 million housing units are required to be built and the numbers will increase drastically in the next five years. The gap between demand and supply is so high because of the affordability factor. People usually can’t afford expensive residences to live in so they choose the cheaper ones. But unfortunately, those so-called “affordable” properties are not always The LEGAL ONES and the buyers just lose their hard-earned money over them. People are always in a hurry to make steady deals, and it leads them towards wrong decisions. 

How to Check Housing Society Registration in Pakistan?

Not every housing project is legal and there are many illegal and non-registered housing societies selling plots with some bogus tactics. To avoid such developers and incidents, all the concerned registration authorities like CDA, RDA, PHATA, LDA, TMA, and many more update the NOC and LOC information of all the approved housing societies and projects. 

Now, no one needs to visit the offices of housing societies and legal authorities to check the legal status of the project they are interested in. One only needs to search through his mobile phone or system and Boom!, you have all the relevant information right at your home. Here are the websites where you can check the registration status of the relevant housing societies according to location.

Here’s How You can check the legal status of Different Housing Societies like PHATA, CDA, LDA, and RDA etc. in Pakistan.

How To Check PHATA Approved Societies?

PHATA stands for Punjab Housing and Town Planning Authority. It has the authority to approve real estate projects located in Punjab. The investors of Punjab’s projects can easily look for the approved housing authorities at Approved Housing Societies (punjab.gov.pk). It will not only let them verify the projects they have invested in, but also will help them search for some more investment opportunities.

How To Check CDA Approved societies?

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world and everyone wishes to live there. But there are numerous illegal housing societies in Islamabad. Yes! You read it right. Even the capital city has illegal housing societies which are never recommended by any honest real estate agency. But don’t worry, because CDA updates the list of approved housing societies on the official website.

It is recommended that whoever wants to purchase a plot in CDA or Non-CDA Sectors in Islamabad, you must consult us before making a decision. We are a Shariah Compliant Real Estate advisory and we offer FREE Shariah Compliant Real Estate Consultation, in which we will inquire and investigate each of the housing societies, in which you are planning to invest.

How to Check RDA Approved Societies?

Hundreds of housing societies have been launched in Rawalpindi in the last few years. It is an actual need of the time because of increasing urbanization here. So, not all housing societies are legit or legal. Anyone before even thinking about buying property in Pakistan should see the legal status of the project first. To check the NOC approval or registration of the society, just visit the website of RDA.

  1. Go to the Punjab Govt. Website
  2. Click On “RDA” From the drop-down menu that says DA/LG/PHATA/RUDA
  3. Select Your Desired Division as Rawalpindi
  4. Select Your Desired District as Rawalpindi
  5. You can also check the Legal Status of any society directly by putting the name in the search bar.
How to check RDA-approved societies?

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How To Check LDA Approved Societies?

Lahore is a popular city in Pakistan with impressively designed landscapes and historical places. People desire to live in Lahore due to the availability of all the facilities with these breathtaking views of old buildings, state-of-art structures, and the emotional attachment to them. But unfortunately, fake and illegal housing don’t the biggest societal fraud in Punjab’s history in Lahore. The courts still have many pending cases of illegal housing societies. But to stay away from all these complicated procedures, just visit the official website of the Lahore Development Authority at to have clear and cut information about all the legal housing societies in Lahore.

  1. Go to LDA Webpage For Private Housing Societies
  2. Enter the Name Of Your Housing Society to Check It’s Legal Status
How to check LDA-approved societies?


As we have discussed above, not all fine-looking housing societies with strong marketing skills are legal. People are usually in a rush to buy property due to many variables such as fluctuations in the market environment, political environment, devaluation of the property, and many more. But it doesn’t mean that you can choose the project with your eyes closed. So, in this article, we have guided the readers on how to look for legal and approved housing societies in your interested location. It will not help you save money but also will help you save time and hunt for more investment opportunities.

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