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PWD Renovates 2,385 Houses in Islamabad Over Five Years

Houses in Islamabad

The Pakistan Works Department (PWD), operating under the Ministry of Housing and Works, has successfully upgraded and renovated a total of 2,385 houses in Islamabad and flats across various sectors in Islamabad over the past five and a half years.

PWD Renovates 2,385 Houses in Islamabad

Houses in Islamabad

According to an official statement from the ministry, the PWD has completed Electromechanical (EM) works for 1,365 flats and houses, along with the execution of approximately 1,012 civil works of various categories. The revitalization efforts spanned different sectors of the federal capital, enhancing the overall infrastructure and living conditions for the residents.

The ministry, which owns a total of 5,253 houses and flats categorized from I to V across diverse sectors in Islamabad, clarified that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is responsible for maintaining and renovating the Pak Secretariat, and thus, no funds from the ministry were utilized for this purpose.

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An official from the ministry revealed that notices are being sent to the allottees of government accommodation in Sector I-9/4 regarding the payment of electric meter bills for water motors installed at residential blocks. The Finance Division has allocated funds for utility payments in the relevant heads of accounts, emphasizing that users are responsible for settling utility bills, including those for residential accommodation, hostels, rest houses, and judicial residences.

Responding to inquiries, the official disclosed that the Ministry of Housing and Works has earmarked an amount of Rs 5.80 million in the current fiscal year 2023-2024 for electricity bills of Qasr-e-Naz Lodge in South Zone Karachi due to financial constraints. However, only Rs 0.87 million, at a rate of 15 percent, has been released so far.

The official further highlighted that the Karachi Electric Supply Company bill for September 2023, including arrears, amounted to Rs 7.26 million, leading to the disconnection of electricity in June 2023. As per the statement from K-Electric, the official assured that the electricity connection would be restored upon the complete payment of the outstanding amount along with arrears. The ministry is actively addressing financial challenges to ensure uninterrupted services at Qasr-e-Naz Lodge.

These developments underscore the ongoing commitment of the Pakistan Works Department to enhance infrastructure and living standards while efficiently managing financial responsibilities for government accommodations.