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Green Oaks Residencia | Location, Payment Plan, NOC

Green Oaks Residencia

Green Oaks Residencia is a TMA-approved, 10-storey, state-of-the-art residential building located at Zoo Road, Qadir Abad, Peshawar, on a 2-minute drive from the University of Peshawar and Peshawar Zoo. The luxurious building is being constructed by the well-renowned Octa Group of Developers, a noteworthy construction company with several successful projects in UAE and Oman.

Green Oaks Residencia offers “luxury at its convenience.” The residential building offers luxurious apartments equipped with modern amenities at an affordable payment plan. It is being constructed by professional engineers with a vast experience in international projects worldwide. Green Oaks Residencia is nearing its completion as 6 storeys have already been completed. The project is expected to complete by December 2024.

Green Oaks Residencia Owners and Developers

Octa Group of Developers is one of the most prestigious construction companies nationwide. The company has successfully built and executed many commercial and residential projects in UAE and Oman. 

Bringing their international experience and prowess to Pakistan, they are now proud to build the most luxurious and fastest-growing Green Oaks Residencia residential project in Peshawar. According to Mr. Farhan Danish, CEO of Octa Group of Developers, Green Oaks Residencia is currently the fastest-growing project in Pakistan.

Green Oaks Residencia Developers History

The Octa Group, a renowned team of developers, is venturing into Pakistan for the first time, introducing their latest groundbreaking project, Green Oaks Residencia. 

Leveraging their vast experience in the real estate markets of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, Octa Group aims to revolutionize the construction industry by introducing innovative designs and practices that will set new standards for the future.

With a strong focus on pushing the boundaries of traditional development, Octa Group is committed to investing heavily in its achievements. They have successfully presented cutting-edge and inventive methods in construction, surpassing the imaginations of even the most creative minds, even in well-established areas.

Green Oaks Residencia is a testament to Octa Group’s commitment to excellence. This project showcases their international expertise, incorporating state-of-the-art designs, sustainable practices, and advanced construction techniques. By bringing these elements to Pakistan, Octa Group is not only introducing a remarkable living space but also contributing to the development of the country’s real estate sector.

Octa Group’s innovation goes beyond the mere fabrication of creative ideas. They prioritize the implementation of practical and efficient solutions, ensuring that their projects meet the highest quality standards. By introducing their international practice to Pakistan, they aim to elevate the construction industry by introducing new methodologies, materials, and design concepts that will shape the country’s future of real estate development.

Green Oaks Residencia is poised to become a beacon of modernity, embodying the perfect blend of elegance, functionality, and sustainability. With Octa Group’s track record of success and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, this project is set to establish a new era of construction and set the bar for excellence in the Pakistani real estate market.

Green Oaks Residencia NOC Approval                  

Green Oaks Residencia is a TMA Peshawar-approved real estate project, which signifies that it has obtained the necessary No Objection Certificate from the concerned regulatory authorities. It is also an FBR Amnesty Scheme registered project.

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) holds significant importance for any real estate project as it is a crucial document that assures clients of the project’s legality and authorization by the relevant authorities. When potential buyers venture out in search of property, one of their primary concerns is to ensure that the project holds a valid NOC, as it serves as a testament to its compliance with regulatory guidelines and requirements.

Obtaining a NOC is a stringent and comprehensive process that involves fulfilling various legal, environmental, and infrastructural requirements. Green Oaks Residencia has successfully gone through this process, demonstrating its commitment to legal compliance, quality development, and adherence to the guidelines set by the relevant authorities.

The NOC approval for Green Oaks Residencia provides several benefits and assurances to potential buyers and investors.

Green Oaks Residencia Location

Green Oaks Residencia is located on Zoo Road, opposite Peshawar University, near Rahatabad Road, Qadir Abad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The strategic location of Green Oaks Residencia makes it highly accessible and makes it easier for its residents to access daily necessities. You can easily reach Green Oaks Residencia via the University Town BRT station and the University of Peshawar BRT station.

Green Oaks Residencia Accessibility

Green Oaks Residencia is located at the most accessible site.

  • Adjacent to Peshawar Zoo.
  • A 1-minute drive from PSTC.
  • A 1-minute drive from Agricultural University.
  • A 2-minute drive from the University of Peshawar.
  • A 2-minute drive from KTH hospital.
  • A 2-minute drive from Engineering University.
  • A 4-minute drive from Pakistan Forest Institute Club.
  • A 4-minute drive from University Town BRT Station.
  • 10 minutes drive from Hayatabad Medical Complex.
  • 20 minutes drive from Bacha Khan International Airport.

Green Oaks Residencia Nearby Location and Areas

Green Oaks Residencia is located at the most prime location in Peshawar. You will find the following popular landmarks nearby.

  • Peshawar Zoo
  • Pakistan Forest Institute
  • University of Peshawar
  • Pirzada Cricket Ground
  • University of Engineering and Technology
  • University of Agriculture
  • Hayatabad Medical Complex
  • KTH Hospital

Green Oaks Residencia Payment Plan

Green Oaks Residencia has introduced a very flexible and easy installment plan. It offers a 30% down payment, 36 monthly installments, and 10% on possession of units.

For Residential

1st Floor10,350
2nd Floor10,350
3rd Floor10,350
4th Floor10,350
5th Floor10,350
6th Floor10,350

For Shops

Lower Ground27.600

Green Oaks Residencia Facilities and Amenities

Green Oaks Residencia offers a range of top-notch facilities and amenities that enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Luxury Bedroom Apartments

Green Oaks Residencia offers a range of luxurious apartments, including 1, 2, and 3-bedroom options. These apartments are designed to provide residents with spacious and comfortable living spaces, incorporating modern aesthetics and high-quality finishes. Each unit is thoughtfully planned to optimize natural light, ventilation, and privacy, ensuring a serene and cozy living experience.

Driveway to Reception

Green Oaks Residencia prioritizes convenience and accessibility for its residents. The project features a dedicated driveway leading to the reception area, allowing for smooth and hassle-free entry and exit. This feature ensures a welcoming experience for residents and visitors alike.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are paramount at Green Oaks Residencia. The project is equipped with advanced security systems, including CCTV surveillance, gated entry points, and trained security personnel. These measures provide residents with a sense of safety and peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy their homes without concerns about their well-being.

Cargo Lifts and Passenger Lifts

To facilitate easy movement within the project, Green Oaks Residencia features two cargo lifts and two passenger lifts. The cargo lifts are designed to accommodate large and heavy items, making it convenient for residents to transport their belongings. The passenger lifts provide swift access to different floors, ensuring a seamless experience for residents and their guests.

Community Hall

The community hall at Green Oaks Residencia serves as a gathering place for residents to come together and foster a sense of community. This versatile space can be utilized for various activities, such as social events, celebrations, meetings, and recreational activities. The community hall encourages interaction and promotes a vibrant community spirit.

Full-fledged Gym

Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the well-equipped gym within Green Oaks Residencia. The gym provides a dedicated space for residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Residents can conveniently pursue their fitness goals within the complex with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and a pleasant ambiance.

Children’s Play Area

For families with children, Green Oaks Residencia offers a dedicated children’s play area. This safe and secure space is designed to stimulate creativity and provide entertainment for young ones. Parents can relax knowing that their children can enjoy playtime in a protected environment within the project.

Rooftop BBQ Terrace

Green Oaks Residencia recognizes the importance of outdoor leisure activities. The rooftop BBQ terrace provides a perfect setting for residents to host gatherings, enjoy delicious barbecued meals, and appreciate stunning views. This unique feature allows residents to create memorable experiences while embracing the beauty of the surroundings.

Theme Park

Adding to the recreational amenities, Green Oaks Residencia features a theme park on the top floor. This exciting attraction offers a range of entertaining activities for residents of all ages. From thrilling rides to interactive games, the theme park ensures a fun-filled experience for the whole family without having to leave the premises.

Running and Jogging Tracks

Health-conscious residents can make use of the running and jogging tracks on the top floor of Green Oaks Residencia. These tracks provide a scenic route for morning or evening workouts, allowing residents to maintain an active lifestyle while enjoying panoramic views. It’s an ideal way to stay fit and rejuvenated within the comforts of the project.

Commercial Shops

Green Oaks Residencia includes basic commercial shops within its premises, offering convenience goods and services. Residents can easily access these shops for their day-to-day needs without having to travel far. The availability of essential commodities within the project ensures a hassle-free lifestyle for residents.

To further enhance convenience, the shopkeepers at Green Oaks Residencia provide home delivery services. Residents can enjoy the luxury of having their desired items delivered directly to their doorstep, saving them time and effort.

Waiting Lounge

Green Oaks Residencia features a comfortable and well-designed waiting lounge. This space provides a pleasant environment for residents and their guests to relax while waiting for transportation, appointments, or meetings. It reflects the project’s commitment to ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone within its premises. Also, residents are informed via telecom if an unidentified guest comes. They are asked to wait until the residents confirm their presence in the living area.

Residents can enjoy a host of amenities without compromising on comfort or convenience, making Green Oaks Residencia an ideal choice for those seeking a contemporary lifestyle in Pakistan.

Basement Parking

The residential complex also boasts a state-of-the-art basement parking facility that provides convenience and security to its residents and visitors. It is designed to accommodate a significant number of vehicles, ensuring ample space for residents and their guests.

The layout is meticulously planned to optimize the use of space and facilitate easy maneuverability. Wide driveways and well-marked lanes ensure smooth traffic flow, allowing residents to navigate through the parking area effortlessly.

Residents of Green Oaks Residencia benefit from the convenience of direct access to the main building from the basement parking. Elevators and staircases conveniently connect the parking area to the different floors, allowing residents to easily reach their desired destinations

Green Oaks Residencia Salient Features

Green Oaks Residencia has no parallel as it offers an attractive investment opportunity due to the following top features.

  • Prime Location
  • Luxurious Apartments:
  • 24/7 Security
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Recreational Spaces
  • Commercial Shops
  • Home Delivery Services
  • Eco-Friendly Initiatives
  • Reputable Developers
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Water Resources
  • World-Class Infrastructure
  • Water, Electricity, and Gas Availability
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Street Lights
  • Basement Parking
  • Gated Community
  • Emergency Firefighting System
  • High-speed lifts
  • Sewerage and Waste Disposal System

Reasons to Invest in Green Oaks Residencia

There are several compelling reasons to consider investing in Green Oaks Residencia. Here are some key factors that make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  • Prime Location
  • TMA-Approved
  • Reputable Developers
  • Modern Amenities
  • Potential for Rental Income
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Convenient Payment Plan 


Green Oaks Residencia presents a lucrative opportunity for investors in the real estate market. With its prime location, thoughtful planning, comprehensive amenities, and reputable developers, this project offers promising potential for high returns on investment. Consider exploring the possibilities and securing your investment in Green Oaks Residencia for a bright and prosperous future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Oaks Residencia a gated community?

Green Oaks Residencia is a gated community with controlled access points, ensuring privacy and security for its residents.

What types of properties are available in Green Oaks Residencia?

Green Oaks Residencia offers both residential and commercial properties.

Is Green Oaks Residencia NOC-approved?

Yes, Green Oaks Residencia is NOC-approved, demonstrating its compliance with the necessary regulations and requirements set by the relevant authorities.

What amenities are available within Green Oaks Residencia?

Green Oaks Residencia offers a variety of amenities, such as a gym, community hall, children’s play area, rooftop BBQ terrace, theme park, running/jogging tracks, and basic commercial shops for convenience goods.

Are there any educational institutions nearby?

Yes, Green Oaks Residencia enjoys proximity to reputable educational institutions, such as the University of Peshawar and the University of Engineering and Technology, making it convenient for residents with university-going children.

Published by: Hammad Shah 

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