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Grand Shikaar Parks and Chalets | Grand Shikaar NOC, Location & Payment Plan

Grand Shikaar Parks and Chalets

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts is an enchanting project offering you hunting, relaxing, and recreational experiences. It is the project of 101group located at Fateh Jang, 40 min away from the main Islamabad, and 30 min away from New Islamabad International Airport

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts

The land area of phase one includes resorts, 22 natural lakes, 100 cozy chalets, a hunting range, cycling and biking tracks, and many more. It offers all the adventurous activities you can name. The serenity and appealing range of the land enable you to do many activities like hunting, fishing, horse riding, destination wedding, skeet shooting, boating, archery, and many more. It will serve to be an astounding tourist spot and is going to contribute a lot to an eco-friendly environment and the tourism sector’s advancement.

Owners and Developers of Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts is an ultimate project by 101group. The developers have been contributing to the real estate industry for a long time and till now have gained experienced knowledge. Mr. Kamran Hussain is the CEO of the organization and has a strong background in the UK and the Middle East. He is now passionate about utilizing his specialized skills in Pakistan real estate. The whole team of 101group is determined to execute the state-of-art masterplans with perfection. Here are the other projects of 101 group listed below:

  • Forest V
  • Capital 59
  • District One Lahore
  • Qube

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Location

Phase 1 of Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts is located in the prime location of Fateh Jang around the serene nature. The project is only 30 min away from New Islamabad International Airport, and 40 min away from main Islamabad. The location makes it easier for people to reach there and enjoy their days and vacations in the best possible way.

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Location

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Accessibility

  • Located in Fateh Jang
  • 25 km away from Fateh Jang Interchange
  • 30 min drive away from New Islamabad International Airport
  • 40 min drive away from the main Islamabad city

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Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Nearby Landmarks and Areas

  • DI Hakla Motorway
  • CPEC Route
  • Fateh Jang-Talagang Road 
  • Discovery Gardens Islamabad
  • Tennis Courts
  • Capital Smart City
  • Smart City
  • Blue World City
  • Mumtaz City

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Masterplan

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts are planned on a massive master plan of its kind. The master plan uses a perfect layout for all types of adventurous and recreational activities areas. It has 22 artificial lakes and 100 chalets built around it. It is the most eco-friendly masterplan executed without any environmental exploitation and gives our people the best once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity. The masterplan includes the following facilities; on-site restaurants, clubhouse, swimming pool, cigar lounge, helipad, shooting range, and cycling tracks.

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Masterplan
Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Masterplan

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Chalets

The chalets are 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal. These are Texas Ranch Style luxury chalets offering spacious layouts to spend your close intimate family time together.

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Chalets
Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Chalets
Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Chalets

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Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Payment Plan

It is a complete recreational project offering 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal chalets/resorts. The developers are offering 3 years payment plan starting from 10% booking, 20% down payment, and quarterly 3 years easy installments. It is the only project to give an 8% rental yield to the owners of the chalet. The owners are allowed to use the chalet for only one month a year and rent it out for the rest of the 11 months.

Chalet’s SizeTotal Price
1 KanalRs 25,000,000
2 KanalRs 40,000,000

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts Facilities 

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts is not an ordinary project but is second of its own kind in the world. It not only offers hunting opportunities but also offers other numerous recreational facilities. All other facilities have been discussed below:

Animal breeding

Hunting has been the inherent activity of human history. Many people are fond of hunting as a hobby and profession as well. All they need is a legalized place to practice hunting without harming the ecosystem of animals. That is why Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts bring you a hunting range where animal breeding is performed and where you don’t need to worry about the animal extinction rate and mortality.

Shooting range

There is a huge shooting range where you can wait for your prey to appear and start hunting. The natural environment and surroundings will make you feel like you are in a jungle or forest. The range is designed in accordance with all the safety rules and guidance is provided before starting the hunt.


22 artificial lakes are of no use until you avail the boating facility provided by the developers. The boating facility will help to forget all the worries and enjoy a relaxed time exceptionally close to nature. 


Fishing is another form of wild hunting. Concerned people do fishing on regular basis and are fond of searching for a quality fishing spot. So, Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts is a perfect place as it has multiple artificial lakes and numerous types of fish for you to catch. It also has fishing farms where you can buy fish to cook and eat.


is also one of the ancient activities performed by human beings. We did not forget the experienced archers, as they are also an important group of folks contributing to delivering history. Professional archery set-ups are installed on the grounds for you to practice your best targeting skills.

Destination wedding

It is the best spot for destination weddings as the naturally closed surroundings will help you enjoy your big day calmly. Plus, the background is the best part to take wedding photos. The lakeside, chalets, green huge trees, and all that will make you feel as if you are in a fairytale.

Cozy chalets

The calming and cozy chalets are huge enough to accommodate big families as well. These are facilitated with all sorts of modern and basic amenities. From power supply to efficient plumbing installing and lighting, all you have in one huge luxurious chalet. The chalets come in 1-Kanal and 2-Kanal sizes and are available in affordable installments.

22 artificial lakes

22 artificial lakes have been made and constructed to make this place look like a heaven on earth. These lakes are going to reward this place with an enchanting view and these will also be used for fishing, boating, and photography.

Horse riding

The whole project has been given the theme of Texas. So, how can we forget about horse riding while talking about Texas? There are horses of several breeds as per the demand of the rider. These horses are being raised and fed by proper faculty and are kept fit for riding.

Quad biking

Quad Biking is another form of recreational activity offered by developers. It is an off-road biking activity performed on bikes with four tires. It is similar to a motorcycle but has four tires. It is a fun activity to enjoy the sports-oriented mood.


There is also a helipad to receive the elite guests arriving on the helicopter or any other power life aircraft. It is where the aircraft will land. It is going to be an attraction point for the elite class, all the relevant facilities have been arranged.

Cigar lounge

A cigar lounge is made to facilitate nicotine lovers. It is a clean, comfortable, and relaxing place to smoke. Proper sitting and ventilation arrangements have been done to avoid all sorts of health hazards. Plus, the service staff here is as professional as the ones in restaurants.

Swimming pool 

Swimming pools are available for professional and trained swimmers. The pools are going to have all the relevant features such as adjustable water temperature, serene spillways, LED pool lighting, outdoor fire pit, efficient drains, and suction lines.

Swimming pool 
Shooting range
Cigar lounge
Destination wedding
Quad biking

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Animals for Hunting in Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts

Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts has numerous kinds and breeds of animals for hunting. Here is the list:

  • Pheasant
Animals for hunting in Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts
  • Red-leg Partridge
Red-leg Partridge
  • Mouflon
  • Bobwhite Quail-necked Pheasants
Bobwhite Quail-necked Pheasants
  • Black Partridge
Black Partridge
  • Black Buck
Black Buck
  • Urial
  • Grey Partridge
Grey Partridge
  • Bobwhite
  • Hog Deer
Hog Deer
  • Spotted Deer
Spotted Deer

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are the chalets sellable?

Yes the chalets are sellable.

What sizes of chalets are available?

There are 1 kanal and 2 kanal chalets available.

Are the resorts/ chalets available in installments?

Yes! The chalets are available in easy three years installments.

Are the owners allowed to reside in chalets?

No, the owners are only allowed to stay in the chalets for one month a year. Chalets will be rented out for rest of the eleven months.

What annual rent yield is given to the chalet owners?

Only this project gives the highest 8% rent yield per annum to the chalet owners.

How is Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts a good investment opportunity?

It is a great investment opportunity because the owners will get 8% annual rent yield which is the highest rental yield offered till now.

Who are the developers of Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts?

It is the project of 101group.

Where is Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts located?

It is located in Fateh Jang and is 30 min drive away from New Islamabad International Airport.

What kind of animals are available for hunting?

The following kinds are available for hunting:
Red-leg Partridge
Bobwhite Quail-necked Pheasants
Black Partridge
Black Buck
Grey Partridge
Hog Deer
Spotted Deer


Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts is one of Pakistan’s biggest recreational projects. It not only offers hunting but also has chalets for families to stay in after the tiring adventurous activities. The hunting arrangements are done without harming the ecosystem and a wide variety of animals are there for you. All the supporting facilities along with a wide range of activities are made available to attract the locals and foreigners. The chalets are available at affordable rates and easy installments. It is a win-win situation for the investors as they will get lifetime enjoyment and a strong investment opportunity to earn handsome profit.

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