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CDA Adopts Modern Tech to Combat Government Vehicle Misuse

Government Vehicle Misuse

To tackle concerns surrounding the misuse of government vehicles and unauthorized consumption of fuel, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) administration, under the guidance of Chairman Captain (retd) Anwar-ul-Haque, has adopted modern technology to enforce accountability and combat government vehicle misuse.

Government Vehicle Misuse

Government Vehicle Misuse

The initiative, spearheaded by the Member IT and Technology, aims to implement a foolproof mechanism to curb the misuse of government vehicles and address the theft of petrol and diesel. The system is designed to bring transparency and efficiency to the fuel consumption process.

In the initial phase of this tech-driven overhaul, the system will be deployed on commercial vehicles. Subsequently, in the second phase, the technology will be extended to vehicles utilized by CDA officers.

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Under the innovative system, a significant shift will be made in the fuel supply process. Vehicles will no longer be able to refuel from CDA’s own petrol pumps. Instead, each government vehicle will be issued a PSO card, enabling a fixed amount of petrol or diesel per vehicle. This measure is set to streamline fuel allocation, eliminate discrepancies, and prevent unauthorized consumption.

The move reflects the commitment of the CDA to uphold transparency and accountability in the management of government resources. Chairman Anwar-ul-Haque expressed confidence that the implementation of this technology-driven solution will not only address existing concerns but also serve as a model for other government entities grappling with similar issues.

As the CDA continues to embrace modern technology, this initiative is poised to significantly enhance the efficiency of its operations and contribute to the responsible use of public resources.