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Gokina Smart Village Project to Promote Digital Transformation in Pakistan

Gokina Smart Village Project

The Gokina Smart Village project, nestled in the mountainous region of Islamabad, has earned international acclaim at a global forum, with authorities expressing their commitment to replicating the model not only in various parts of Pakistan but also around the world.

Gokina Smart Village Project

Gokina Smart Village Project

Despite being situated in a picturesque area, Gokina lacked essential services, including proper education and health facilities. The Gokina project, however, has brought about a transformative change by introducing online learning at a local girls’ school, addressing the challenge of a shortage of science teachers. Additionally, an e-clinic has been established in the village, filling the void left by the absence of medical professionals in the surrounding areas.

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Hassan Nasir Jamy, Federal Secretary for the Ministry of IT Telecommunication, hailed the success of the Gokina project as a milestone in the journey towards a digital Pakistan. Speaking at the event, “Thriving Together with Tech: Realising Sustainable Development,” organized by Huawei in China, Jamy emphasized the significance of the Gokina model in leveraging technology for social and economic upliftment.

Gokina Smart Village Project Event 

The event, attended by experts from several countries online, showcased various projects globally that have harnessed digitization for positive impacts. Besides the Gokina Smart Village initiative, notable projects included a floating solar power house in Ghana, contributing to enhanced productivity at a local coffee processing plant and empowering farmers to opt for value addition instead of selling raw materials.

Ethan Sun, CEO of Huawei Technologies Pakistan, underscored that the Gokina Smart Village Project goes beyond mere connectivity; it is about transforming lives and overcoming challenges associated with limited access to essential services. Sun highlighted the global commitment of Huawei to bridge the digital divide through its participation in the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Partner2Connect Digital Coalition. Huawei pledged to bring connectivity to over 120 million people in remote areas across 80 countries by 2025.

The speakers at the event emphasized the symbiotic relationship between technology, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Deputy CEO and Director Subsidiary Board Huawei Pakistan, Ahmed Bilal Masud, shared insights into the progress and achievements of the Gokina project. He revealed plans to expand the Gokina model in Pakistan with a focus on three key areas: education, health, and digital skills.

As the Gokina Smart Village project gains global recognition, its success story stands as an inspiration for leveraging technology to address critical societal challenges and promote sustainable development. The commitment to replicate this model reflects a growing international awareness of the potential of digital solutions in transforming lives and fostering inclusive growth.