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FGEHA: No Compensation Yet for G-12 and F-12 Affectees

G-12 and F-12 Affectees

The Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) clarified that no compensation has been paid to any affectees in Sectors G-12 and F-12 of the federal capital, but reassured that compensation would be provided according to the laid-down criteria by the FGEHA, as reported by an official.

The registration for the allotment of plots to the general public in Sectors G-12 and F-12 in the federal capital was officially opened in August 2023, marking a significant step in the ongoing development initiatives.

G-12 and F-12 Affectees

G-12 and F-12 Affectees

The award of land in Sectors F-12 and G-12 was originally announced by the Deputy Commissioner of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in June 1985 and April 1985, respectively, under section 25 of the CDA Ordinance 1960. Notably, there is no provision for de-notification of the award once announced, and the Land Acquisition Act 1894 does not allow for setting aside of an award.

Addressing the legal aspects, the official stated that the Judgment of Land Award was passed by the Deputy Commissioner, FGEHA, in April 2021 after addressing court orders and relevant issues. The rate for the award issued was specified as Rs. 62,90,000 plus 15% compulsory land acquisition charges, totaling Rs. 72,33,500.

Following this, a proposal for the amendment in the award was presented to the Federal Cabinet. The proposal aimed to withdraw the entire record of Sectors G-12 & F-12, along with the award issued in 1985, from CDA and assign it to FGEHA for the decision of compensation. This direction was in line with the Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi Bench’s directives, and modalities as decided by the Cabinet Committee.

The Federal Cabinet approved the proposal for amendment in its meeting held in December 2021, after which the CDA handed over the specified land to the FGE Housing Authority.

In response to queries, the official clarified that a Katchi abadi known as Mehar Abadi, comprising houses, shops, and markets, had been established on the said land. However, the official asserted that the Katchi abadi was not established after the sectors were handed over to FGEHA, and the authority has taken several measures to prevent encroachments, emphasizing its commitment to planned urban development in the designated areas.