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Government Proposes Free Transport for Female Students and Teachers in Islamabad

Free Transport for Female Students

To boost girls’ enrollment in schools and enhance female literacy rates, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training is set to introduce a free transport service for female students and teachers of Islamabad Capital Territory Schools.

Free Transport for Female Students

Free Transport for Female Students

Approximately 20 buses from federal educational institutions will be readied and deployed onto the roads in collaboration with the district administration. These buses, designated exclusively for women and girls, will ply urban and rural routes across the federal capital, offering complimentary transportation for female students and teachers from both public and private educational institutions. To distinguish them, the buses will be painted pink, ensuring clear identification.

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The initiative stems from concerns over the rising dropout rate among girls due to inadequate transportation facilities, as highlighted by the secretary of education. Internal audits revealed that a significant portion of the 385 buses belonging to federal educational institutions—about 30%—remain idle due to various factors such as budget constraints, lack of drivers, and delayed maintenance.

Moving forward, the buses will also accommodate women passengers, provided there is available space, according to the official. Preparations are underway to have these buses operational by June 15, ensuring timely commencement of services for female students and teachers. This initiative marks a significant stride towards promoting gender equality in education and addressing logistical barriers that hinder girls’ access to schooling in the capital city.