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The First Part of Rawalpindi Ring Road will be completed by December 

First Part of Rawalpindi Ring Road

Engineer Aamir Khattak, Commissioner of the Rawalpindi Division, has declared that the first part of Rawalpindi Ring Road project will be completed by December, following the deadline set by Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project is a crucial infrastructure initiative aimed at promoting industrial growth and reducing transportation congestion. The project is divided into three phases:

  1. The 38.3 km stretch from Banth to Thalian,
  2. Linking this route to the motorway,
  3. The Eastern Loop.

Phase one, which began in September 2023, is expected to be completed by December 2024.

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In addition to the Ring Road, the Annual Development Programme (ADP) for Rawalpindi district includes 315 schemes, with 226 currently in progress and 89 new. Among these, the Dadocha Dam project is particularly significant, expected to provide Rawalpindi with 35 million gallons of pure drinking water per day. The land acquisition for the dam is complete, and the revised project proposal has been submitted.

Other notable developments in Rawalpindi include:

  • The Lai Motorway,
  • Kutchery Chowk,
  • Safe City Project,
  • Multiple water supply initiatives,
  • Renovation of Holy Family and Benazir Bhutto Hospitals,
  • A mobile health service project ‘Vehicle on Wheels’,
  • A 150-bed Rehab Center at Wah General Hospital,
  • Upgrades to the Pirwadhai Bus Stand,
  • A new slaughterhouse,
  • Construction of a Freelance IT and Gymkhana in all districts.

In the education sector, efforts are being made to improve facilities, with Divisional Public Schools established in all districts. The Government Islamia Higher Secondary School No.1 on Murree Road has started special classes for transgender students, enrolling 63 students so far. Additionally, 57 small dams have been completed and are operational in the Rawalpindi division.