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CDA Chairman Welcomes Firefighters and Announces Honorarium


Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa, Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), welcomed the valiant firefighters who played a crucial role in extinguishing fires on Margalla Hills last week. The reception, held at the CDA headquarters, was a gesture of appreciation for the squad’s tireless efforts and bravery.


Last week, the fire-fighting squad faced an arduous challenge when fires broke out at various locations across Margalla Hills, rapidly spreading over a three-kilometer area. The personnel bravely spent the night battling the blaze, demonstrating exceptional dedication and resilience.

On the directives of Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi, Chairman Randhawa acknowledged the fire-fighters’ hard work by announcing an honorarium. He praised their courage and the effective measures they took to control the fire, which erupted twice during this season alone.

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“The bravery and hard work demonstrated by our fire-fighting squad are commendable,” said Chairman Randhawa. “To enhance their capabilities, we will equip them with the latest fire-fighting equipment and vehicles, ensuring they are better prepared for future incidents, especially during the hot summer months when such outbreaks are more frequent.”

In a related development, during a meeting chaired by Randhawa, the CDA decided to introduce cutting-edge 3D and digital marketing technology in the federal capital starting July 1. The initiative will see the installation of digital screens along highways and in commercial areas. These screens will be rented out on an annual basis for an initial period of three years, significantly boosting the CDA’s income.

The new technology is expected to modernize the city’s advertising landscape and enhance revenue streams for the authority, aligning with CDA’s goals of urban development and economic growth.