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FGEHA Launches Operation Against Illegal Encroachments in Islamabad

FGEHA Launches Operation

To preserve the sanctity of designated green spaces and residential areas, the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) executed a targeted operation against illegal encroachments in the Green Belt area between Sector G-13 and G-12, as well as in G-15/3 in Islamabad.

FGEHA Launches Operation

FGEHA Launches Operation

Collaborating seamlessly with the Deputy Commissioner, Encroachment Wing, Islamabad Police, and ICT Administration, the joint operation aimed at addressing the persistent issue of unauthorized constructions and encroachments in the specified regions. During the meticulously planned operation, numerous illegal structures and encroachments were successfully identified and subsequently demolished.

The administrative body of FGEHA affirmed its unwavering commitment to conducting such operations in the future, signaling a determined stance against illegal encroachments that undermine planned urban development. The Housing Authority, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, issued a stern warning to potential land grabbers, cautioning them against engaging in any illegal activities.

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Furthermore, the FGEHA emphasized its authority to take strict measures against those involved in encroachments, reinforcing the gravity of the issue. This crackdown on encroachments aligns with the Housing Authority’s ongoing efforts to ensure planned urban development and uphold the legality of residential and green spaces.

The FGEHA’s administration conveyed a clear and unequivocal message to the encroachment mafia, urging compliance with legal norms and regulations. The authorities emphasized the imperative role of citizens in preserving the integrity of urban planning and protecting communal spaces from illegal activities.

As the operation concluded successfully, the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority remains resolute in its commitment to fostering sustainable urban development and creating a conducive living environment for the residents of Islamabad. The collaborative efforts with local authorities underscore the importance of a united front against illegal encroachments to safeguard the city’s aesthetic and functional appeal.