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Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad | NOC | Location | Payment Plan

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad is set to be the tallest and the biggest vertical project in the twin cities. Offering a concept of “Vertical City”, this highly anticipated project will revolutionize urban living. Located at a prime location within Faisal Hills, Faisal Jewel is brought to you by the Faisal Hills Owner, Mr Chaudhary Abdul Majeed himself.

With the exponential population growth, the twin cities have seen an increasing demand for vertical cities. With many high-rise buildings sprouting in the twin city region to tackle the demand for quality housing, the huge gap remains. Faisal Town Group hopes to fulfil this gap with its first-ever project, Faisal Jewel.

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Construction Progress

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad

Faisal Jewel’s construction journey commenced with a grand launch ceremony in March 2022. Since then, significant milestones have been achieved, including the completion of the first three basements. 

Currently, the project is progressing steadily towards its completion goal. With the pace maintained, Faisal Jewel is on track to be handed over to its esteemed residents within the next two years. 

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Owners and Developers

Faisal Jewel is a remarkable development by the Faisal Group in collaboration with CAM Constructions. This prestigious project is spearheaded by Mr. Chaudhary Abdul Majeed, a well-respected figure in the real estate industry of Pakistan.

Mr. Chaudhary Abdul Majeed has an impressive track record of delivering high-quality real estate projects. Under his visionary leadership, the Faisal Group has successfully completed numerous significant developments, including Faisal Hills, Faisal Town Phase I, and Faisal Town Phase II. These projects have set new standards in the real estate market, characterized by their superior infrastructure, modern amenities, and strategic locations.

The Faisal Group has earned its reputation as the third-largest developer in Pakistan due to its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their projects are known for their meticulous planning, robust construction quality, and timely delivery, making them a trusted name among homebuyers and investors alike.

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad NOC Status

Currently, Faisal Jewel is in the process of obtaining the NOC from RDA. The necessary procedures and paperwork are being diligently pursued to secure this vital document. Once obtained, the NOC will signify official approval to commence construction activities in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards. The project management team is actively engaged in facilitating the NOC acquisition process, ensuring adherence to all necessary protocols and regulations.

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Location

Faisal Jewel is strategically located within the prestigious Executive Block of Faisal Hills in Islamabad. Faisal Hills is a renowned residential locality known for its scenic beauty, modern infrastructure, and tranquil environment. The prime location of Faisal Jewel offers residents easy access to major roads and highways, connecting them to key areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

This location is highly sought after due to its proximity to essential amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. The serene and picturesque surroundings of Faisal Hills provide a peaceful and healthy living environment, making Faisal Jewel an ideal choice for families and individuals seeking a premium residential experience in Islamabad. 

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Accessibility

  • A 10-minute drive from GT Road and Motorway M-2
  • A 15-minute drive from Sector G-15, Tarnol Interchange 
  • A 15-minute drive from UET Taxila.
  • A 20-minute drive from Sector G-13
  • A 20-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport 
  • A 25-minute drive from Blue Area
  • A 25-minute drive from Faizabad Interchange

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Nearby Towers

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Master Plan

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad spans a total area of 2.5 acres and features an impressive master plan that includes two high-rise towers. Faisal Jewel will feature up to 15,000 apartments, including studio, 1-bed, 2-bed, and 3-bed apartments.

The residential tower is set to rise to 26 floors, reaching a height of 300 feet, while the second tower, designated as a hotel, will have 14 stories. Both towers will be crowned with luxurious penthouses, offering stunning views and premium living spaces.

The three-floor basement is dedicated to ample parking space, ensuring convenience for all. The first five floors above the basement will house a modern shopping mall, featuring a range of national brands, diverse food courts, and various other amenities, making it a vibrant retail and dining destination.

The towers will serve as the central business hub of the society, combining retail shops with luxury residences. In addition to the residential and commercial spaces, the master plan includes a dedicated service area on one of the floors. This space will host a variety of facilities, including venues for celebrations and festivities, as well as a health club, providing residents and visitors with comprehensive recreational options.

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Payment Plan

Faisal Jewel offers a feasible payment plan that attracts potential investors. Let’s take a look at the various price points of this project.

TypeSize Sq. FeetMinimum Price RangeMaximum Price Range
Studio Apartment4175,004,0005,838,000
1 Bed Apartment5106,120,0007,140,000
2 Bed Apartment111812,416,00015,652,000
3 Bed Apartment166920,028,00023,366,000

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Facilities and Amenities

Faisal Jewel offers many modern amenities. This 26-story tower, reaching 300 feet, provides luxurious residential apartments with stunning views of the Margalla Hills. Penthouse options are available for those seeking the ultimate in exclusivity.

Hotel Tower

Catering to discerning travelers, the 14-story hotel tower offers luxurious accommodations and unparalleled service standards. It will fill a gap in the area, providing much-needed hospitality options for national and international guests.

Luxury Apartments

Faisal Jewel offers a range of luxury apartments designed for modern living, blending style with comfort. These residences feature high-end finishes, spacious layouts, and modern amenities.


Ensuring residents’ safety, the complex features a high-security system with gated and walled community boundaries. The state-of-the-art security measures include 24/7 surveillance, controlled access points, and trained security personnel.


Faisal Jewel boasts its own electricity and Sui Gas system, providing a reliable and uninterrupted supply to residents. This self-sufficiency ensures that residents enjoy consistent and high-quality utility services without disruptions.

Scenic Balcony Views

Residents can enjoy panoramic views of the Margalla Hills from the comfort of their home balconies. These scenic views provide a tranquil and picturesque backdrop, enhancing the living experience.

Despite its ultra-luxurious offerings, Faisal Jewel is designed to be affordable, making it an attractive choice for discerning buyers. The project aims to provide value for money without compromising on quality or amenities.

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Salient Features

  • 26-story residential tower
  • 14-story hotel tower
  • Luxurious penthouses
  • High-end luxury apartments
  • Stunning Margalla Hills views
  • Five-floor shopping mall
  • Food courts and national brands
  • Dedicated parking basement
  • Health club facilities
  • High-security system
  • Gated and walled community
  • Reliable electricity supply
  • Sui Gas system
  • Panoramic balcony views

Reasons to Invest in Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad 

  • Prime Location
  • Luxurious Living
  • Hospitality Options
  • Scenic Views
  • Modern Amenities
  • Secure Environment
  • Affordable Luxury Living
  • Central Business Hub
  • Efficient Urban Planning

Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad Booking Procedure 

Securing a unit at Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad involves a straightforward booking process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Contact the sales office of Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad. Visit the official website, call the sales hotline, or visit the sales office in person to gather information about available units, pricing, and payment plans.
  2. Select the desired unit type (residential apartment or retail shop).
  3. Arrange a visit to the construction site or model units to get a first-hand look at the property and its surroundings.
  4. Complete the official booking form. Provide necessary personal details, choose the specific unit, and fill in any additional information required.
  5. Provide required documentation. Submit copies of your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or passport, proof of income, and any other required documents as specified by the sales office.
  6. Make the initial payment. Pay the booking fee as per the payment plan, which secures your chosen unit. Payment methods typically include bank transfers, checks, or direct deposits.
  7. Obtain official confirmation of your booking. After the booking fee is processed, you will receive a booking confirmation letter and a receipt from the sales office.
  8. Review and sign the booking agreement. Carefully read the terms and conditions outlined in the booking agreement. Once satisfied, sign the agreement to formalize the booking.
  9. Inspect the completed unit. Upon project completion, conduct a final inspection of your unit to ensure it meets the agreed-upon specifications. After a satisfactory inspection, complete any remaining formalities and take possession of your unit.


Faisal Jewel Faisal Hills Islamabad stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of real estate development. From its strategic location to its luxurious amenities, every aspect of this project embodies a commitment to quality and innovation. With the construction progressing steadily and milestones being achieved, Faisal Jewel promises to redefine modern living standards in Islamabad.

As it nears completion, the project represents not just a residential and commercial space but a testament to the vision and dedication of its developers in creating a landmark destination that combines elegance, comfort, and convenience for its residents and visitors alike.


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