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CDA Greenlights Facilitation Center for Swift Building Plan Approvals

Facilitation Center

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) board convened on Friday and sanctioned the establishment of a facilitation center, aiming to expedite the endorsement of construction blueprints. This crucial decision was made under the leadership of Chairman Anwarul Haq at the CDA headquarters.

The board, recognizing the need for swifter approvals, set ambitious timeframes for different building plan categories. Small residential plans are slated for approval within a mere 48 hours, while commercial counterparts will be reviewed within 72 hours, albeit with an additional fee for this express service.

Rationale for Facilitation Center

Facilitation Center

The initiative stemmed from the Building Control Wing’s observation of a protracted 21-day approval period, often compounded by a high influx of applications, staffing shortages, and various application discrepancies.

The proposed facilitation center will entertain applicants directly, demanding the necessary documentation and blueprints. In a commitment to efficiency, plans will be vetted and approved within three days, considerably slashing the waiting period.

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Initially, the fast-track service will cater to residential plots of up to 60’x90’ within 48 hours, and commercial plots of up to 500.00 sq-yards with a covered area of fewer than 10,000 sq-feet within 72 hours. However, this expeditious service will come at an added cost on top of the standard scrutiny fee.

The board ratified the supplementary charges for expedited approvals. For residential plots under 356 square yards, an extra fee of Rs20,000 will be levied, escalating to Rs30,000 for larger plots. Meanwhile, commercial buildings with covered areas ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet will incur fees ranging from Rs50,000 to Rs75,000.

Acknowledging the extended work hours necessitated by the expedited service, the board also greenlit allowances for staff working beyond regular schedules, ensuring the smooth operation of the center.

Behind the Decision

The impetus for this transformative step came from the astute observations of Director General Building Control Faisal Naeem and Chairman Anwarul Haq, who identified the pressing need for accelerated building plan approvals. These proposals, meticulously prepared by Mr. Naeem and directed by the chairman, received unanimous approval from the board.

Upcoming Developments

Looking ahead, the CDA chairman’s earlier promise of providing pre-approved building plans to ease the citizen’s plight amid the convoluted NOC acquisition process remains a work in progress. Officials affirm ongoing efforts toward this end, reassuring citizens of imminent access to pre-approved plans.

The introduction of the facilitation center marks a significant stride in expediting bureaucratic processes, signaling a more citizen-centric approach from the CDA.