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CDA Issues Final Notice to Business Encroachments in Islamabad


To clear encroachments and restore Islamabad’s beauty, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued final notices to businesses occupying public spaces. Chief Commissioner Islamabad and CDA Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa directed this rigorous operation to maintain the city’s aesthetic appeal.

All markets and commercial centers, especially restaurants with illegal structures on public pathways, have received notices from Dr. Sania Hameed Pasha, Director of DMA, urging cooperation in preserving the city’s charm.

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Significant actions have already been taken, including demolishing illegal sheds and seizing goods violating open space regulations. The operation will continue daily to ensure public pathways remain unobstructed.

A CDA spokesperson emphasized the long-standing public demand for eliminating encroachments, stating, “We are committed to addressing this issue promptly and effectively.” Chief Commissioner Randhawa reiterated his commitment to protecting Islamabad’s beauty and directed the DMA to continue the operation until all commercial areas, including the Blue Area, are cleared of encroachments.