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Secretary Housing Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash Visits Shaheed-e-Millat Secretariat

Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash, the Federal Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Works, visited the Shaheed-e-Millat Secretariat in Islamabad on Thursday. During his inspection, the Secretary took note of the building’s lifts, which had been closed due to technical issues.

Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash Takes a Closer Look at the Lifts

Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash

Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash and senior officials meticulously inspected the lifts within the secretariat building. It was revealed that these lifts had been in operation since 2006, and due to both excessive use and maintenance challenges, they had to be temporarily shut down to ensure the safety of the occupants and visitors.

During the inspection, the Directorate General of Pakistan Public Works Department (PWD) and its maintenance team briefed the Secretary about the situation. They explained that an expert team from a French company had been engaged to assess the condition of the lifts and provide recommendations on whether they could be replaced or repaired.

Secretary Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash emphasised the utmost importance of regular and effective maintenance for lifts to prevent malfunctions and potential accidents. He underlined the need to prioritise public safety and ensure the lifts are in optimal working condition.

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Immediate Procurement of New Lifts

Recognizing the situation’s urgency, Secretary Bangash directed the relevant authorities to procure three new lifts for the building without delay. His clear and immediate directive aimed to ensure the safety and convenience of those who utilize the building’s services.

In addition to addressing the issue of the lifts, Secretary Housing also examined the building’s overall condition. He instructed the General Directorate of Pakistan PWD to promptly conduct necessary repairs and improvements to the building, underscoring the importance of maintaining a safe and functional workspace.

Establishment of a Maintenance Schedule

To ensure these issues are handled systematically, Secretary Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash directed the building management to establish a maintenance schedule. This schedule will include regular inspections and the recording of all maintenance and repair activities, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Final Words

Secretary Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash’s visit to the Shaheed-e-Millat Secretariat demonstrated his commitment to promptly addressing government buildings’ critical maintenance and safety issues. He was accompanied by key officials from the Ministry of Housing and Works, highlighting the importance of this matter in providing a safe and efficient working environment.