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Urgent Donations to Palestine: Ways Pakistanis Can Make a Difference 

Donations to Palestine

Over the course of the week, Israeli airstrikes have wreaked havoc, killing close to 200 Palestinians and injuring more than 1,200 others, including a 12-story structure that housed the Associated Press and Al Jazeera. These devastating events have left hundreds of Palestinians dead, with countless others injured and traumatized. Amid this dire situation, Palestinian families are buried under the weight of tragedy, and the need for donations to Palestine is more pressing than ever.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of organisations actively supporting Palestine and working to facilitate Palestinians. You can send donations to Palestine via these organizations to help Palestinian brothers and sisters in need.

Ways to Make a Difference

If you want to contribute to a good cause and send donations to Palestine, here’s how to help.

Monetary Donations to Palestine

One of the most immediate and impactful ways to send donations to Palestine is by donating money to credible aid organisations. These organizations offer essential assistance, such as medical supplies, food, shelter, and support for displaced families.

Material Donations to Palestine

Besides monetary contributions, providing material donations to Palestine can make a substantial difference. Donating essential items like clothing, blankets, and hygiene products can relieve those affected by the conflict.

Raise Your Voice on Social Media

While monetary donations to Palestine are crucial, raising awareness about the Palestinian cause is equally important. Sharing credible news sources and stories on social media platforms can help educate others about the ongoing crisis and mobilize support.

Credible Organizations to Send Donations to Palestine

To ensure that your donations to Palestine reach those in need, you must contribute to credible organizations with a proven track record of providing humanitarian assistance in the region. We have compiled the best organizations working to help Palestinians. 

Baitussalam Welfare Trust

Baitussalam Welfare Trust has been providing essential services to Palestinian victims for decades. They are actively involved in delivering aid to those affected by the conflict. All the donations to Palestine sent to the trust reach Palestine via help from the Turkish Red Crescent, the Turkish Diyanet Foundation, and several other Turkish governmental organizations.

Currently, their teams are deployed in various parts of Palestine, providing food rations and serving ready-cooked meals to those affected.

Donation Details

You can send your donations to Palestine at

  • Account Title: Baitussalam Welfare Trust
  • Account Number: 0127-0102494084
  • IBAN: PK22MEZN0001270102494084
  • Account Number: 0127-0102494031
  • IBAN: PK95MEZN0001270102494031

Note: These are general donations and will also help Palestine. However, if you want to send your donations to Palestine exclusively, contact Baitussalam through email or WhatsApp to inform them. Contact details are as follows:

  • Email: deposit@baitussalam.org
  • WhatsApp: +92-320-7872264

Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) 

The Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) is directly linked to the Islamic Medical Associations of Muslim countries surrounding Palestine, including Jordan. This humanitarian organization provides emergency medical services to displaced Palestinians, including ambulance services and first-aid treatment.

Donation Details

You can send your donations to Palestine at

  • Account Title: PIMA Relief Fund Karachi
  • Account Number: 0120-0100075224
  • IBAN: PK74MEZN0001200100075224
  • Swift Code: MEZNPKKA

Alkhidmat Foundation

Alkhidmat Foundation is one of the biggest charity organizations in Pakistan and focuses on providing food, shelter, and medical assistance to Palestinians in need during times of crisis. 

They have partnered with a Turkish organization to kickstart a donation drive to support the Palestinian cause directly from Pakistan.

Donation Details

You can send your donations to Palestine at

    Bank Name: Mezan Bank LTD – Jamshed Road, Karachi.
    Branch Code: 0157
  • ACCOUNT NO.: 0157-0103102664
    IBAN: PK48MEZN0001570103102664
  • Phone number Alkhidmat Foundation: +92 42 3595 7260 
  • Drop off your donations at their offices across Pakistan.

Note: Make sure to share your bank deposit slip for getting the proper computerized receipt at the following number: +92322-2225159, which belongs to Mr. Inayatullah Ismail, Senior Manager RMD at Alkhidmat Foundation.

Faith Foundation

The Faith Foundation has a strong presence in the region and offers various programs to support Palestinian communities, including emergency relief efforts. They have signed verified MoUs with Turkish organizations, including Minber-i-Aqsa, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, and Ummet Vakfi to help Palestine.

Donation Details

You can send your donations to Palestine at 

  • Account Title: Fatih Foundation
  • Meezan Bank
  • Account Number: 0104-0104885574
  • IBAN: PK44MEZN00 0104 0104885574
  • Jazz Cash Account Title: Owais Hassan
  • Account Number: 0312 2793362
  • Easy Paisa Account Title: Owais Hassan
  • Account Number: 0312 2793362

As soon as we get more information about organizations, we will add them to this list. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can learn about zakat here.

The ongoing conflict in Palestine demands immediate attention and support from the international community. As Pakistanis, we can play a crucial role in helping alleviate Palestinians’ suffering by sending donations to Palestine. By supporting credible organizations actively engaged in humanitarian efforts, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this tragic crisis.