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CDA Chairman Orders Inquiry of Execution of Development Projects without Consultants

Development Projects

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched a fact-finding inquiry into the execution of several mega development projects worth billions of rupees that were initiated without the involvement of consultants. The decision was made by CDA Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa in response to concerns about the lack of professional oversight.

The projects under scrutiny include developments in sectors E-12, I-12, C-14, C-15, C-16, and Margalla Avenue. The absence of consultants in these significant projects has raised questions about adherence to proper planning and execution protocols.

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The inquiry committee, headed by Director General of Procurement and Contracts and Design Khalid Asif, includes Parliament Lodges Director Abdul Fateh Mako and Deputy Director Structure Adnan Khan. The committee’s mandate is to conduct a thorough review of the project’s records, analyze guidelines from the Planning Commission, and evaluate existing procedures for initiating and executing mega projects.

The committee’s tasks include assessing the necessity of third-party validations according to guidelines from the Pakistan Engineering Council and the Planning Commission of Pakistan. They are also expected to suggest measures to ensure the timely completion of ongoing projects.

The official inquiry letter, issued on June 5, emphasizes the need for adherence to professional standards and comprehensive planning in future projects to avoid similar issues.