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Islamabad Authorities Begin Deportation of Illegal Residents

Deportation of Illegal Residents

Islamabad police authorities have initiated the deportation of illegal residents, with at least 64 Afghan nationals being transported to the Torkham border crossing for deportation on the previous day. 

A joint effort by the Islamabad Police, district administration, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), and prison authorities has been instrumental in facilitating this process, ensuring that necessary actions are taken against those violating the law. Under the watchful eye of the Islamabad Police, individuals slated for deportation have been safely escorted back to their respective home countries.

Deportation of Illegal Residents in Islamabad

Deportation of Illegal Residents

This decisive action has been undertaken in response to the expiration of the allotted time for illegal resident individuals. Islamabad police officials revealed that a team comprising members of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the capital police transported these prisoners from Adiala jail to the border in two buses while stringent security measures were in place to guarantee the safe and orderly deportation process. The remaining prisoners will be transported to the border in different phases as part of a well-organized plan.

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Meanwhile, Shalimar police have apprehended over two dozen Afghan refugees, and the process of verifying their identities is currently underway.

Islamabad Authorities Message to the Public

Concurrently, awareness messages are being disseminated to educate the public about the issue of illegal foreign residents. Authorities are emphasizing the severe consequences of providing shelter or employment to such individuals, making it abundantly clear that legal action will be taken against any parties involved in such activities.

It has been underscored that adherence to Pakistani laws remains the only viable option for foreign residents in Pakistan. Authorities have urged the public to report any illegal foreign residents or related activities through the helpline “15” or the ICT 15 app, emphasizing the critical role of collective efforts in maintaining law and order within the country.

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In Rawalpindi, sources have reported that Rawalpindi police have relocated more than 180 immigrants to a designated ‘holding centre.’ To further address the issue, police have formed special teams tasked with apprehending illegal residents and are in the planning stages of a ‘grand operation’ in the vicinity of Pirwadahi to identify and detain more refugees. These raiding teams have been instructed to handle the detention of ‘illegal immigrants’ with an extra level of caution, ensuring a fair and respectful process.

The joint efforts by Islamabad and Rawalpindi authorities reflect a commitment to uphold the rule of law and address the issue of illegal residency within the country, safeguarding the rights of citizens and maintaining law and order.

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