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Government Employees Grapple with Delays in Housing Schemes

Delays in Housing Schemes

Many government employees find their aspirations of owning residential plots marred by extensive delays, as the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) and the Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation (PHAF) face setbacks in multiple housing projects.

Committee Formed, but Delays Persist

Delays in Housing Schemes

In response to chronic delays in housing schemes, a steering committee comprising seven secretaries was established by the caretaker prime minister in September of this year. Despite this intervention, the issue of prolonged delays continues to plague the government housing initiatives.

FGEHA’s housing projects, including ‘Green Enclave-I’ launched in 2009 and ‘Green Enclave-II’ (renamed Sky Garden Housing Scheme), are encountering considerable delays. The ‘first come first serve’ initiative of ‘Green Enclave-I,’ which boasts 3,282 plots, has left many federal government employees and journalists waiting in limbo, with retirees passing away before realizing their dream of plot possession.

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Muhammad Afzal Awan, a registered member of FGEHA, voiced his frustration, stating, “The housing schemes of the FGEHA are failing projects, and the authority seems to be profiting at the expense of poor employees without providing the promised shelter.”

Other FGEHA projects, such as F-14/15 approved in 2015, and the Park Road Housing Scheme, initiated following a Supreme Court order in 2015, involving 6,746 and 4,781 plots respectively, have also faced delays, leaving government employees in limbo.

The Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation’s (PHAF) housing apartments project in Sector I-12/1 progresses at a slow pace, with 3,200 units in total.

Extreme Delays in CDA Projects

Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) housing projects, especially in Sector I-12, have been marred by extreme delays, with lower-middle-class allottees waiting for over three decades for possession of their plots.

Tahir Mahmood, an allottee, compared government housing projects with private sector schemes, highlighting the efficiency of private projects that “provide possession to plot owners within a couple of years.”

FGEHA Director Admin Faiz Umer Sial acknowledged past stalls in the authority’s projects but mentioned that Director General Muhammad Zafar Iqbal has taken strict notice. He assured that the DG has set short targets for contractors to expedite development work.

An unnamed official confirmed that DG Zafar Iqbal is actively involved in meetings regarding development progress. While some projects like Green Enclave-II show improvement, challenges with contractors and company issues have been streamlined. The FGEHA is determined to address delays and expedite the development of vital housing projects.