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Chairman CDA Orders Construction of Cycling Tracks in Diplomatic Enclave

Cycling Tracks

In a move towards promoting eco-friendly transportation and enhancing the capital’s infrastructure, the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Muhammad Ali Randhawa, has directed the construction of cycling tracks within the diplomatic enclave.

Construction of Cycling Tracks

Cycling Tracks

The decision reflects the vision of Chairman Randhawa to provide diplomats and foreign communities with convenient and sustainable means of movement within Islamabad. According to a news release issued by the CDA, the cycling tracks are aimed at facilitating easy access for diplomats and residents while also promoting environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

During a recent meeting, Chairman Randhawa outlined the project’s objectives, emphasizing the importance of developing cycling lanes throughout the federal capital. The meeting was attended by key stakeholders, including officials from Member Engineering, Railways, NESPAK, ADB, Islamabad Cycling Association, and other relevant organizations.

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Highlighting the significance of preserving the city’s natural beauty, Chairman Randhawa stressed the need for creating world-class cycling tracks that would not only cater to the needs of residents but also attract tourists visiting the capital.

This initiative underscores the commitment of the CDA towards sustainable urban development and promoting healthier lifestyle choices among the city’s residents. As the construction of cycling tracks progresses, Islamabad is set to emerge as a model city with modern infrastructure that prioritizes environmental conservation and promotes alternative modes of transportation.